Choosing to Report

Making the choice to report an incident of sexual violence or misconduct takes immense courage. In order to help we have provided further information and resources below.

 Confidential Reporting Versus Private Reporting 
This link will help to inform your decision on who you would like to report to and what that may mean regarding the information you share.

Why is Reporting Important? 
This link will provide you further information about why you should report an incident.

Reporting to the University
This link explains the process you may select if you choose to report to the University.

Good Samaritan/Amnesty Policy 
This link explains the policy that encourages everyone to report an incident regardless of alcohol/drug impairment or violation of visitation policies (i.e. Open Hours).

Reporting to the Police/Legal System 
This link explains the option of reporting to the Police/Legal System at any time and provides contact information.

 Anonymous Reporting 
This link connects  you with the silent witness reporting form and explains its purpose.