Public Safety



Room Lockout

Upon lockout of a student from his or her room, or a staff or faculty member from their office, Rivier University Department of Public Safety can be called to gain access to the room. For students, the first lockout service is free and every subsequent request for access is $10.

Operation Identification

Operation Identification is a campus crime prevention program open to students, staff, and faculty of Rivier University. The goal of this program is to have people identify their property by engraving items and tracking important information such as serial numbers and model numbers.

You would be surprised at the number of items that are lost or stolen that cannot be returned to the rightful owner because people could not provide vital information (serial numbers, model, etc.) about their property. Don’t let this happen to you!
We recommend you identify your property in the following ways:

1. Each item should be engraved with a distinctive number known to you and recorded with the Department of Public Safety.

2. The following information about each item should be recorded on a form and given to the Department of Public Safety where it will be stored in case of a loss:

  • Brand Name
  • Model Number
  • Serial Number
  • Estimated Value
  • Color
  • Any Other Descriptive Information
  • Cost when originally purchased

Lost and Found

If you find property or are trying to recover a lost item, contact the Department of Public Safety at x8888 or 888-1666.

Medical Assistance

Rivier University Public Safety Officers are trained in first aid, CPR and AED (Automatic External Defibrillation) and routinely respond to medical emergencies. The Public Safety vehicle is equipped with a comprehensive First Aid kit, as are most of the campus buildings.

All medical emergencies occurring on campus should be reported by dialing 911 and the Department of Public Safety at 888-1666.

Passenger Van Certification

A University van is any van owned/leased by or rented in the name of Rivier University. To be considered an authorized driver, all new drivers shall complete the driver safety course, described below.

Prior to becoming an authorized driver, each individual must give written permission to the Director of Public Safety to obtain his/her motor vehicle driving record and meet the following guidelines:

1) Have an active, valid driver’s license,

2) Have fewer than six points accumulated against the driver’s record in the past twelve months (out of state driver’s will be held to a comparable standard) and

3) Shall not have had his/her license suspended in the last seven years for any moving violation or DWI offense.

A copy of the individual’s driver’s license will be kept on file with the Director of Public Safety. Authorization of all drivers, including checking the motor vehicle record of all previously authorized drivers, will be done at the beginning of each academic year, not later than September 30; authorization of new drivers will be done throughout the year as needed. It is the responsibility of each authorized driver to notify the Director of Public Safety of any changes in her/his Motor Vehicle Driving Record between the annual checks and to relinquish driving privileges, if necessary until the standard is again met.

In order to check the driving record of all Rivier University van drivers, an annual fee per driver may be charged to an appropriate department, club or organization.

Driver Safety Course: To become an authorized driver of the Rivier University passenger vans, individuals are required to take the course and satisfactorily complete its requirements. The program is provided by a trained member of the Rivier University Department of Public Safety. There is no cost to any participant. The course is three hours in length and will be offered once a month to those wishing to enroll.

To schedule the training program/course, contact Officer Jerry Healey (ext. 8888).

Van Reservations

The Department of Athletics has priority in reserving Rivier fleet vans prior to September 1 of each academic year. After September 1, reservations are made on a first-come, first served basis. Anyone wishing to reserve the University vans must do so through the Department of Public Safety. The process begins by submitting a Van Request Use form.

Motor Vehicle Assistance

Public Safety officers at Rivier have the authority to assist in vehicle jump-starts and vehicle lockouts. In both instances, a person must sign a waiver form, releasing Rivier University from any responsibility of damage to the vehicle. These services are limited to students, faculty, staff, and guests.

Escort Service

Any student, faculty, or staff member needing an escort for any reason may request this service by contacting the Department’s main number 888-1666.

House Check Program

Any person renting University-owned property may contact the Department of Public Safety at 897-8888 to request periodic security checks of their property for the time they are away. This program is being offered by the department as another Crime Prevention Program.  Please take advantage of this service.