Health Alert | Coronavirus (COVID-19)

The University will return to in-person instruction for the Spring 2021 semester on January 25.

Spring 2021 Semester

COVID-19 Pre-Semester Testing Requirement

The University requires that all students submit a negative COVID-19 test result prior to their arrival on campus. Students must receive a COVID-19 test between January 19 and January 22, 2021. Undergraduate student test results must be uploaded to the student’s Medicat file no later than Friday, January 22 and must clearly indicate the student’s first and last name, date of birth, date of test collection, and test result. Testing is available at a variety of locations. Many locations do not require appointments, serve all patients, and do not require a referral from a primary care physician. Students should check with the specific testing facility for their requirements.

Spring 2021 Return to Campus Plan for Students

This document details the policies and procedures we have implemented as we welcome students back to campus for the Spring 2021 semester. The content in this document applies to all Undergraduate (residents and commuters), Professional Studies, Graduate, and Doctoral students.

Request for Temporary Alternate Class Arrangements

As the University supports students on the path to degree completion, we understand that COVID-19 may impact a student’s academic needs due to medical or other reasons. Students seeking temporary alternate class arrangements for the spring 2021 semester, such as remote learning or other accommodations, must submit the Request for Temporary Alternate Class Arrangements by Tuesday, December 22, 2020. Save the completed form as a PDF file and submit by e-mail to

Fall 2020 Semester

COVID-19 Testing

Rivier is partnering with Sema4 (Stamford, CT) for ongoing surveillance COVID-19 testing. Surveillance testing means that random samples of students, faculty, and staff will be selected and tested for COVID-19 throughout the semester. Everyone who will be physically present on campus during the fall semester will be tested using the following schedule. Individuals will be contacted by e-mail and provided with additional information about the testing location and procedure.

  • September 8-11: Approximately 1,000 people tested. All resident students, undergraduate commuters, full-time faculty, and a portion of staff tested.
  • September 14-November 24: 250 tests will be administered per week. These will consist of random groups that include students, faculty, and staff. Testing will take place on Mondays and Thursdays.
  • After November 24: The testing schedule for the remainder of the fall semester will be determined by the number of Resident students who remain on campus after Thanksgiving.

Pre-Arrival Testing for Undergraduate Students

As noted in the University’s Return to Campus Plan for Students, undergraduate students must obtain a COVID-19 test between the dates of August 25, 2020, and September 4, 2020.  Test results must be uploaded to your Medicat electronic records file no later than September 4, 2020, and must indicate your full name and the test date. Click here for additional information on obtaining a test and submitting test results.

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