Student Financial Services

Tuition, Fees & Other Expenses

A Rivier University education is an investment toward reaching your academic
and professional goals. As a partner in your success, Rivier awards more than
98% of our day undergraduate students some form of financial aid.

Day Undergraduate Studies

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Professional Studies

Tuition and fees for online and on-campus Rivier students.
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Graduate Studies

Tuition rates for Rivier University’s graduate degree programs are among
the lowest in the nation.
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Doctoral Studies

Tuition and fees for doctoral studies at Rivier.
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International Students Graduate Studies

Tuition and fees for international students pursuing graduate degrees at Rivier.
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Employer Tuition Reimbursement Policy

Effective for the Spring 2018 semester, the University will accept employer reimbursement as a form of payment. Please complete this form; your Human Resources Office will need to fill out part of this as well. The $50 deferred payment fee, a $100 deposit for each class and the completed employer tuition reimbursement form must be submitted prior to the due date for the term/semester for which it applies.  Students with a poor payment history may not be able to participate in this program. The following procedure must be followed:

1) Student completes their sections of the form and submits it to their Human Resources Office to have the “Employer Verification” section completed.

2) Student submits the completed form with a $50 deferred payment fee and a $100 deposit for each class to the Student Financial Services Office prior to the due date for the term/semester for which it applies. Incomplete or late submission of this form will not be accepted and payment in full will be required prior to the start of classes.

3) Student will reimburse Rivier University within 30 days after the end of the class(es) for which they submitted a completed form. If the student does not reimburse the University within 30 days after the end of the class(es), the University reserves the right to assess late fees/finance charges and place the account for outside collection activity. The student’s account will be placed on hold, subsequent enrollments will not be allowed until the account has been satisfied and no transcript/diploma will be released.