Student Financial Services

International Students Payment FAQs

1. When should I pay my Enrollment Confirmation Deposit ($100)? You should pay your deposit as soon as all of the following items are true:

  1. You have been accepted for enrollment at Rivier University for the term you will be attending.
  2. You have confirmed with the Office of Global Engagement that any required visa has been approved for study at Rivier.
  3. You understand and agree to all academic requirements outlined in my acceptance letter.
  4. You have been accepted into the academic program that you will be pursuing and you understand that you may not be able to change majors after paying this deposit.
  5. You are certain that you will be attending Rivier University in the term specified below.
  6. You are certain that you will not transfer to another university before enrolling at Rivier University.
  7. You have the required visa approval for study at Rivier University (i, ii, or iii below):
    1. You have a United States student F1 visa approved for study at Rivier University.
    2. You have completed the SEVIS transfer process at another US institution and have submitted all regulatory requirements for transferring your immigration Form I-20 to the International Student Services at Office of Global Engagement. For information on how to complete SEVIS Transfer process, please email
    3. You are a non-immigrant who is authorized to study at Rivier University (e.g. H, L, J, TNs). Note: If you are on an F2 or B1/B2 non-immigrant status, seek immigration advice from the Senior Associate for Global Engagement before applying for admission to Rivier University.

2. Is my $100.00 Enrollment Confirmation Deposit refundable and where does this money go?
This fee is not refundable for new incoming students and for new transfer students. The purpose of this deposit is to confirm your place in the entering class for the term you have indicated at Rivier University. It is not refundable because this will confirm a place in our classrooms that another student may not be able to obtain after you pay your deposit. When you enroll, this deposit will be automatically credited to your tuition charges by the Office of Student Financial Services. It is not an additional fee, it is a deposit.

3. What happens if I miss the Enrollment Confirmation Deposit deadline date?
If there is still space into your accepted academic program, we may accept your deposit after the deadline. If there is not space in your program, you may not be able to enroll at all, or you may be asked to defer your starting date to a future academic term.

4. What is the deadline to pay tuition and fees? Does the payment deadline vary depending on the ‘semester’ or ‘term’ in which I am registered?
Tuition and fees are due by the published due date or upon registration, if after that date.

5. How can I pay my tuition and fees? Cash payments can be made in the Office of Student Financial Services located in Adrienne Hall. Other payment options include:

  • Payment from International Bank: Rivier University has partnered with Flywire to allow students the ability to make online payment s from an international bank. 
  • Payment from USA Bank: Students can make tuition and fee payments from a USA bank online through their MyRiv student account on their MY LEDGER. Click here for direct portal access.
  • USA Bank Paper Check: Checks drawn exclusively on a US bank should be made payable to Rivier University and drawn exclusively on a US bank. The student ID# should be written on the check. Checks can be mailed to: Rivier University, Office of Student Financial Services, 420 South Main Street, Nashua, NH 03060-5042 
  • Demand Draft Checks: We accept demand drafts made on an American bank in US dollars. The check must be drawn exclusively on a US bank.

6. Does Rivier University offer a payment plan for international students?
Yes. Students may enroll in Rivier’s Payment Plans which breaks out the amount due over the semester/ term. More information about payment plans is available on the Payment Options page.

7. Can I pay excess money to Rivier and then request a refund for the amount over tuition and fees?
No. All payments to Rivier should be for tuition and fees of registered courses only. Establishing a US bank account for non-school needs is helpful. If excess funds, beyond tuition and fees for a semester are received, they will be held on the student’s account to pay toward future semesters.

8. I am a transfer student, my bank loan was sanctioned with the previous university and it will take about 12-20 days to complete the transfer of funds. Can I do anything to avoid the late payment fee?
Yes. Contact the Office of Global Engagement office to let them know. They will confirm your situation with the Office of Student Financial Services so you will not be assessed a late fee.

9. Can I pay for the two semesters and leave the balance for second semester on my student account?
Yes, for example if a payment is made in the fall which includes both fall and spring tuition, the spring balance can remain on your account until spring. If there is refund it will be returned after add/drop in the spring.

10. Where can I find information regarding the refund policies of the University?
See Rivier’s Refund and Withdrawal Policy for official drop dates and refer to #11 below.

11. If fees are paid in advance and then the student has an overpayment of tuition and fees, will the university refund the pre-paid fees?

Yes, we will refund any over payment made for tuition and fees once all charges have been paid. Refunds are processed after the last day of add/drop from the term. Refunds are not issued for excess wire transfer funds.
– Cash, check and credit card over payments are refunded to the student by direct deposit or check through the RivierRefundCard (BankMobile). You will receive a pin to set up your account in a green envelope mailed to your local address soon after you register for your courses.
– Enrollment Confirmation Deposits are not refundable if the student does not enroll at Rivier.

12. If I paid for the entire year in advance and I transfer to another school after one semester, will the fees I paid for the remaining semester(s) be refunded?
Yes. If you pay for the entire year and are enrolled only one semester, the amount you paid for the remaining semester(s) will be refunded to you upon request. Please contact the Office of Student Financial Services so they can process your refund. 

13. Why am I charged an International New Student Fee ($250)?
This is a one-time fee for all H4 and F1 visa and/or F1 status students including transfers, in their first term of enrollment at Rivier University. Continuing students who apply for a change to F1 will be assessed the fee once given F1 status. This fee helps to offset the additional cost of services provided to international students before and after arrival on campus.

14. What is the graduate International Student Comprehensive Fee ($350)?
Each semester (fall, spring and summer) H4 and F1 visa and/or F1 status students are required to pay a fee to compensate for additional expenses of full-time (9 credits or more) graduate student services. Students using the Rivier University I-20 also are required to pay this fee. Services include public safety access, computing fees, fitness center, writing center support, academic support, supplemental transportation and other Rivier student services.