Student Financial Services

Refund & Withdrawal Policy

Spring 2018


Course Length Term/Course Start Date Course Drop Date Tuition Refund on or before Jan 22 Tuition Refund/ Withdraw Jan 23 - Jan 29 Tuition Refund/ Withdraw Jan 30 -Feb 5 Tuition Refund/ Withdraw Feb 6 - Feb 12 Tuition Refund/ Withdraw Feb 13 - Feb 19 Tuition Refund/ Withdraw after Feb 19
14 WEEK** Jan 16 Jan 22 100% 80% 60% 40% 20% 0%
**All students charged at the full-time DAY rate as of the course drop date are not eligible for a refund for dropped course(s) even if they drop below 12 credits and are only eligible for a refund in the case of a full withdrawal from the university.
  Tuition Refund on or before Jan 19 Tuition Refund after Jan 19 SPRING 2018 REFUND/ WITHDRAW POLICY: To be eligible to receive a course refund, students need to contact the Registrar's Office to officially drop/ withdraw from their course(s) by the refund/ withdraw date and are encouraged to meet with their academic advisor, success coach and/ or financial aid counselor to discuss the consequence before doing so. Contact the Office of the Registrar or 603-897-8218. If a letter/ email is sent, the date stamped on the envelope/ email serves as the date of official notification date for both tuition refund and withdrawal. Housing withdrawal follows the same rules as the tuition refund policy, with the exception that the first week is prorated as students move in before classes begin. NOTE: Course & Miscellaneous Fees are Non-Refundable After Courses Begin *Meal plans are non-refundable. 
7 WEEK TERM 1 Jan 15 Jan 19 100% 0%
  Tuition Refund on or before Mar 22 Tuition Refund after Mar 22
7 WEEK TERM 2 Mar 16 Mar 22 100% 0%
  Tuition Refund by end of first class day Tuition Refund after First class day
Sat/Sun Classes and One-Week Sessions Varies End of first day of class 50% 0%