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Christine CyrChristine Cyr full
Class of 2012

Major: Social Studies Education

Hometown: Westbrook, Maine

Christine Cyr went to a Catholic all-girls high school in Portland, Maine. “There were 65 or 70 girls in my graduating class. I knew I wanted a small college,” she says. Her guidance counselor helped her develop a list of schools to explore, but when she visited Rivier, Christine knew her search was over. “I loved it,” she says.

Rivier has the close community Christine knew she wanted. “You’re not just a number,” she says. “Professors know your name. When they see me outside of class, they’ll say, ‘Hi, Christine, how are you? Are you working on the paper that’s due on Wednesday?’”

In her job as an Admissions Ambassador, Christine shares her enthusiasm for the College with prospective students. “I give tours and I love it. I get to meet prospective students and talk to them about the school, show them my room,” she says. “If they’re interested in sports, that’s twice as good for me, because I can talk about that for hours.”

Christine has run cross country since she was in sixth grade. “I like how it’s an individual sport, but at the same time, it’s a team sport,” she says. Last year, her cross country coach at Rivier convinced her to try lacrosse as well. Though Christine had never played lacrosse before and didn’t know much about the sport, she had fun being part of the women’s lacrosse team’s inaugural season.

“I loved everyone on the team,” says Christine. She had to learn the rules and a new set of skills. “My stick work got better. Toward the end of the season I ended up playing a lot and did some good things on the field.”
In addition to learning a new sport and a new language (Chinese) since arriving at Rivier, Christine has developed a career plan. “I thought that I wanted to be a teacher, but I wasn’t sure,” she says. She started taking classes without declaring a major. Through Rivier’s Campus to Career course, she took tests and surveys that helped determine her strengths and the types of careers that would suit her. “I walked out of the class knowing I wanted to become a teacher,” she says.