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Li-Hsun Huang

Student, Class of 2007
Major: M.B.A.
Minor: Law
Hometown: Taiwan

Li-Hsun Huang

Li-Hsun Huang says that the first time she visited Rivier, the people were friendly and made her feel comfortable. “I like the people here—that’s very important,” she says.

Li-Hsun studied law as an undergraduate in her native Taiwan. After graduating, she worked in trademark law and intellectual property. “I wanted to know more about business,” she says. When she decided that an M.B.A. would give her more choices, friends recommended Rivier.

After Li-Hsun finishes her M.B.A. in December 2007, she plans to return to Taiwan. “I want to combine my law and business backgrounds to help companies promote and protect their trademarks,” she says. She’s also interested in marketing and promotions.

Li-Hsun says the International Student Advising Office is very helpful. “It seems that I can always get my questions answered at this office,” she says. Dey Barriga and Lynn Jansky have answered Li-Hsun’s questions about housing, immigration laws, course schedules, and student activities. “They understand that it’s not always easy for international students to live and study here—they’re very considerate, they take care of us,” she says.

Li-Hsun’s family is in Taiwan. She has the chance to visit them once a year, in the summer. She says that her parents and two brothers miss her, but that they’re proud of her as well. “They’re glad I have the opportunity to try new experiences,” she says. She’s made close connections at the College, including several alumni who invited her to live with them. “Rivier for me is not only a place to complete my degree, but also my family in this country,” she says.