Shiri Spear `05, Mathematics Education

Alumni: B.A. in Secondary Mathematics Education

Image of Shiri Spear `05, Mathematics Education

You might recognize this television personality—the morning meteorologist for FOX25 News, on air from 4 to 10 a.m. weekdays. What you may not know, however, is the long and at times trying path that she traveled to get to where she is today.

Spear graduated from Rivier in 2005 with a degree in secondary mathematics education. At the time, her husband and high school sweetheart Matt—a Marine whom she married at age 19—had been sent on a series of deployments to Iraq and Afghanistan. “My mother graduated from Riv and I always had a great impression of the education and support she received,” says Spear. “I needed a good support system while my husband was overseas, and found it in Rivier’s faculty and staff.”

“Rivier’s mission to transform hearts and minds to serve the world can take on different meanings for different people,” she says. “Personally, I attended Rivier when I was struggling with my husband’s deployment. I was challenged in the required religion course to consider ideas I had never encountered or contemplated, and it turned out to be the most wonderful lesson on believing in myself and finding comfort in aspects of all different faiths and religions. Somewhere along the line, I collected a series of ideas that I had faith in that helped me find peace in my own life, which in turn helped me cope with what I was going through.”

Although she graduated from Rivier certified to teach in New Hampshire, Spear decided to instead pursue a master’s in environmental and atmospheric sciences. This decision furthered her path to FOX25’s weather team.

Spear’s undergraduate experience made a world of difference. “Rivier is a community-oriented environment where you can find welcoming people of all interests and walks of life,” she says. “The faculty and staff encourage learning through study and real-life experience. Along the way, expect to learn not just about your major or trade, but about yourself.”