John MacArthur, Jr. '08G, Educational Administration

Alumni: Master of Education in Educational Administration

Image of John MacArthur, Jr. '08G, Educational Administration

Principal John MacArthur, Jr. ’08G heads to New Ipswich Middle School each morning with a mission – to give his students a positive experience. “My favorite part of being a principal is the students,” he says. “Every day in middle school is a challenge … and I love it!”

MacArthur oversees approximately 50 staff members and 331 fifth through eighth grade students from the towns of New Ipswich and Greenville, New Hampshire. Prior to serving as principal, he was assistant principal at Weare Middle School, and a music teacher and band director at North Hanover Middle School and Milford Middle School.

Several of MacArthur’s education colleagues, who were Rivier graduates, encouraged him to pursue his master’s in educational administration. He felt very “at home” while at Rivier, as the environment fostered a love of learning and exploration, which is always his goal as an educator and administrator.

MacArthur is a community builder. He encourages community not only within the school environment, but also by involving the school with the townspeople through cooperative projects. While in Weare, MacArthur headed the community construction of a playground for middle schoolers, which included gear that doubles as fitness equipment for older children and adults.

“Rivier gave me a solid foundation on which to build my career as a school administrator,” says MacArthur. “My Rivier education has helped me to think outside of the box and work with my team to creatively research, explore, and overcome obstacles in order to provide the best possible education for my students.”