Jennifer Bowers, Psychology

Major: Psychology
Hometown: Tewksbury, Mass.

Image of Jennifer Bowers, Psychology

Jennifer Bower’s early experiences at Rivier helped her learn how much she enjoyed research work.

“I’ve been lucky to have many opportunities to help various projects,” says Bowers. “My first experience was assisting graduate students in Rivier University’s Behavioral Science Lab during sophomore year. Following that, I interned for a longitudinal study at Judge Baker Children’s Center in Boston for a year. I also assisted on a related neuroscience study at Beth Israel Medical Center during much of my junior year.”

Bowers Rivier research work and local internships made her a strong candidate for additional study projects. Her strong initiative and support from faculty won her a coveted, paid internship at the Stanford University Cohen Laboratory in summer 2014. “Of the 175 applicants to the Leadership Alliance Summer Research Program, just eight of us were chosen to participate,” she says.

Bowers work included coding previously collected data for statistical analysis and conducting fieldwork to collect new research data. Her career plans include pursuing a doctoral degree, and research experience is highly valued in the Ph.D. application process. Bowers believes the research work and internships she’s completed as part of her Rivier undergraduate program will stand out on graduate school applications.