Jamie Nemecek, Education

Graduate, Class of 2015
Major: Master of Arts in Teaching Secondary Education, Social Studies

Image of Jamie Nemecek, Education

Highly motivated and invested in her education, Jaime is pursuing her Master of Arts (MAT) in Teaching Secondary Education, Social Studies to become a high school history teacher. Nemecek completed her Bachelor of Science in Sustainable Design and Technology in just three years.

Nemecek’s love of history inspired her dream to become a high school history teacher. She searched for a graduate program that would not only provide her with the necessary credentials, but also make her feel truly prepared to start teaching immediately after graduation.

“I met with my advisor, Dr. Menke, before I attended Rivier and several times after enrolling. He offered great advice on the benefits and realities of Riv’s program at our first meeting and has continued to answer questions and address concerns throughout my coursework,” says Nemecek.

Rivier’s challenging curriculum, field observation hours and student teaching requirements provide the solid foundation Nemecek desired in a program. She believes the academic rigor combined with the field requirements not only prepare you to be strong teacher, but provide insight into the realities of leading a classroom.

Additionally, the personal support of faculty, staff, and her fellow students has meant a great deal to Nemecek: “I value the small community feel at Riv. I don’t feel that I’m lost in crowds of other students.”

Nemecek’s ambition and drive define her as a student and person. “I take pride in having finished my undergraduate program in three years, and I’m on pace to finish my graduate degree and student teaching by spring 2015.”