Jake Nelson, Marketing

Major: Marketing
Hometown: Nashua, N.H.

Image of Jake Nelson, Marketing

Jake Nelson’s Rivier education extends beyond his business and marketing classes. He credits his mentors, teammates, and community service experiences with providing valuable life lessons that contribute to his success.

Nelson came to Rivier University with a bigger goal than achieving a degree. He wanted an education that would prepare him for a career. In addition to classwork, business professors Dr. Wayne, Dr. Toosi, and Dr. Kivenzor have worked with Nelson to prepare him for job success after graduation. As a Rivier basketball player, he’s learned to show good character through wins and losses and to attack every obstacle placed in his path.

Nelson spent a semester volunteering at a local organization that serves young adults with disabilities. “It was a very humbling and amazing experience,” he says. “While I was supposed to be teaching sports and teamwork to the group, I was actually learning lessons from them.”

Nelson values his Rivier education. “The University is always trying to better the lives of people in need, and I am proud to be a Riv student because of this.”