George Landry '17, Criminal Justice

Alumni: Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

Image of George Landry '17, Criminal Justice

George Landry grew up wanting to be a police officer. “My father was a police office, and I always have looked up to him and the job he did,” says Landry. Rivier’s Criminal Justice program seemed the perfect fit. However, after several classes and completing his internship, his career aspirations took a new direction.

“The Rivier Criminal Justice program changed my focus to being a lawyer because of the variety of classes it exposed me to,” says Landry. “I never thought I would enjoy arguing legal standpoints and precedents before I came to Rivier, but now I feel that I will enjoy being a lawyer.”

Landry’s internship at the Hillsborough County Attorney’s Office was “one of the most eye opening and beneficial experiences of my college career.” Each week he went to Drug Court at the Nashua District Court House. “The drug court team consists of a judge, therapists, a parole officer, county attorney’s and defense attorneys,” says Landry. “This program involves drug tests, therapy sessions, group meetings, acquiring housing and jobs, and other things aimed at moving the participants toward a sober lifestyle.”

He spent days in the County Attorney’s Office helping with a variety of tasks including transcribing calls defendants are making from jail and reading through cases, then drafting strengths and weaknesses for the prosecution. “This internship allowed me to see a side of the criminal justice system I would have never seen otherwise,” Landry shares.

Landry is in the process of applying to Boston College Law School, Massachusetts School of Law, New England School of Law, and others.