Emilee Graham, Criminal Justice

Major: Criminal Justice
Hometown: Lowell, Mass.

Image of Emilee Graham, Criminal Justice

Emilee Graham describes Rivier University as “a small college that can make a huge difference in your college experience. Riv is truly designed to fit any of your personal needs in and out of the classroom. A college that honestly cares about you being the best version of yourself … Standards are held higher here and the academic expectancy is more challenging because Riv knows you are capable and pushes you to reach your full potential. This University produces hardworking, intelligent, determined, professional graduates that WILL go on to make a difference.”

In her second semester, Graham took a course titled Criminology. “I found it to be fascinating and decided to give Criminal Justice a try.” She continued taking Criminal Justice courses and ultimately declared it as her major.

“The professors and guest speakers have always been so knowledgeable and passionate about what they teach, and some of the field trips we have taken in these classes—Concord State Prison, Hillsborough County Jail, Nashua PAL Youth Safe Haven—have been some once-in-a-lifetime, very eye-opening experiences.”

Graham believes Rivier’s small class sizes are a big benefit. “I have had some classes over the past two years with less than ten students. I feel this has been so beneficial to my learning,” she says. “Being able to receive direct attention from a professor when necessary, or being in an environment where everyone is able to share their experiences/opinions has made it much easier for me to understand the material in depth. It also gives me much more motivation to come to class when I feel that both my attendance and absence are noted and make a difference to the room.”

Finally, she appreciates the difference the Rivier community makes in her college experience. “There is a certain feeling on campus and in classrooms that the people you are surrounded by are genuine, good people,” says Graham. “This goes for staff as well. Everyone I have come into contact with during my time here is so friendly and helpful. Riv is an environment where we all want to see everyone succeed in what they do. There is so much encouragement to not only do well academically, but to also be the type of person the world needs more of once we graduate.”