Dr. Karen Spohn, Business

Faculty: Associate Professor of Business Administration

Image of Dr. Karen Spohn, Business

There are two things Dr. Karen Spohn is passionate about: encouraging economic literacy and helping students achieve their full potential.

After spending the early part of her career as an economic forecaster in the private sector, Spohn later worked full-time as a university researcher and taught classes during her lunch hour. This experience motivated her to pursue a doctorate in economics. Upon completing her degree, she moved to New Hampshire with her family and began searching for a teaching position.

“I found Rivier and discovered a warm, caring community that was student-centered and founded on Catholic tradition,” Spohn says. Today, she teaches undergraduate and graduate courses in economics and finance.

“I am constantly experimenting with new ways of teaching,” she says. “I try to make use of the latest technology and resources that are available. In a typical course, I present the information necessary to understand the models and data needed to analyze a problem. I then give students opportunities to apply these concepts to an area of their interest.”

Working with students is Spohn’s favorite part of her profession—she gets fulfillment from guiding them and helping them succeed. “I enjoy helping people,” she says. “I get a good feeling from helping students become confident in their abilities and understand concepts that they had considered difficult at first.”

Spohn has much to be proud of over the course of her career, but says receiving the 2013 New Hampshire Business Educator of the Year award was a special honor. “Rivier attracts students interested in having a positive impact in the community and the world,” she says. “As faculty, we offer different avenues for them to consider in not only pursuing their passion, but also in making a difference.”