Ashley Volkens '13, English

Alumni: Bachelor of Arts in English

Image of Ashley Volkens '13, English

My degree in English from Rivier University allowed me to explore different areas of personal interest through my career,” says Ashley Volkens ’13. “The books that I read and the papers that I wrote taught me how to communicate my ideas well to others and helped me form stronger and clearer arguments. Each professor’s personalized approach and passion challenged me to think differently. Their differences in teaching styles helped me learn to adapt to different personalities in the workplace. The fast-paced curriculum and volume of work has helped me go above and beyond in the workplace.”

Shortly after graduation, Volkens assumed the position of Marketing Product Coordinator at Reed Exhibitions, the worlds’ largest event producer. “When I graduated, I trekked through the same jungle as everyone else hunting for a job that would utilize my skills and make me happy,” she says. “As I found my first job, I was able to sharpen the skills that my degree in English had taught me. This included not only the grammatical side of the major, but also the critical thinking side. As I ran meetings with many tiers of executives in different departments throughout the company, I found myself listening and responding to everyone’s opinion just as I did in literature classes. Reading, writing, and communicating well with others are universal skills that every company needs.”


In 2015, Volkens pitched and received a new position as marketing manager at the Downtown Cabaret Theatre in Bridgeport, Connecticut.