Aimee Bishop, Human Dev. & Social Work

Major: Human development with a minor in social work
Hometown: Warwick, Rhode Island

Image of Aimee Bishop, Human Dev. & Social Work

Ask Aimee what she likes best about Rivier and she’s quick to answer: “How much the faculty cares and will do anything to help you succeed.” In her job as an Admissions Ambassador, she makes sure students considering Rivier know the faculty are supportive and easy to approach.

Aimee also enjoys her classes—particularly her social work courses. “My favorite was Social Work with Children and Families. We got to talk about the effects of trauma: how to deal with it as a social worker, how it affects child development, different types of therapy.” After Aimee graduates from Rivier, she plans to get her master’s in social work and get a job in a high school.

Activities outside class, such as serving on the Student Government Association, also help Aimee connect with people and prepare for life after Rivier. “I was looking for more ways to get involved and have a voice on campus—I had done Student Council in high school and thought it would be a good transition for me,” she says. Last year Aimee was SGA’s publicity officer, this year she’s the club liaison. “I work with all the clubs on campus to make sure they have the support they need,” she says.

In November, Aimee will travel to Dallas, Texas for the SGA Executive Board Retreat. “I’m excited, I’ve never been across the country before,” she says. At the retreat, students will have the chance to network with SGA officers from other schools and attend a variety of workshops.

Rivier’s setting reminds Aimee of her home in Rhode Island, but she says there are differences she appreciates. She enjoys New Hampshire’s tax free shopping as well as the environmental variety. “You can drive up to the mountains or drive to the ocean easily; there’s a taste of everything,” she says.