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Dr. Elizabeth Harwood, Psychology

Faculty: Assistant Professor of Psychology; Psychology Department Coordinator

Dr. Elizabeth Harwood, Psychology

Dr. Elizabeth Harwood is a professor, advisor, administrator, researcher, author, and activist. She has a passion for working with college students in the classroom and in the counseling setting.

"I truly love and value my role as an educator," says Dr. Harwood. "Working with college students, in both my teaching and clinical careers, has been intellectually and emotionally fulfilling. Making a difference in a young adult's life when they are forming their identities and life goals is such a rewarding experience."

Dr. Harwood is an active researcher, and she is widely published in her areas of interest which include best practices in teaching, depression, relationship conflict and satisfaction, body dissatisfaction, and more recently, substance abuse.

Dr. Harwood's current research focuses on scholarship, teaching, and learning. She is examining her own teaching techniques through evidence-based research with her students. "This research has made me more mindful of what and how I teach," says Dr. Harwood. "Engaging students in these projects, I've found, helps them to process information on a deeper level and more readily apply learned knowledge to other situations, ultimately achieving greater academic performance."

Dr. Harwood has lent her expertise to the dialogue on substance abuse in New Hampshire and throughout the country, and she serves on the Greater Nashua Substance Misuse Prevention Leadership Team. Dr. Harwood teaches two related courses at the University, Drugs and Behavior  at the undergraduate level and Psychopharmacology at the graduate level.

Dr. Harwood was awarded the 2016 New Hampshire Excellence in Higher Education Award by the New Hampshire College and University Council (NHCUC). This award is given annually to one professor at the college or university level, recognizing her or his professional accomplishments and excellence in inspiring students to learn in the classroom.

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