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Dr. Susan Barbaro, Biology

Faculty: Associate Professor of Biology, Biology Department Coordinator

Dr. Susan Barbaro, Biology

Dr. Barbaro is a dedicated scientist and researcher, as well as an accomplished professor. The majority of her research has focused on water studies, testing water for contaminants and work toward ensuring clean rivers and lakes and safe drinking water.

Rivier students are active participants in Dr. Barbaro's projects, University sponsored initiatives, and their own academic research projects. An ardent believer in hands-on learning, Dr. Barbaro's students conduct research in the U.S. and other countries-at the Nissitissit River in New Hampshire, on a teaching trip to Haiti, and soon on a 2017 expedition along the Niagara Escarpment in Canada.

This research takes place inside the laboratory and in the field, helping students to learn and to develop a passion for science. She believes the most valuable lesson she can teach her students is to be patient. "As scientists, we are obliged to be accurate and unbiased. Impatience can lead to mistakes or missing something important."

In 2016, Dr. Barbaro authored a grant which resulted in a $650,000 National Science Foundation STEM grant award for Rivier's biology department. Grant funds will establish a program titled ARGYLES-Attract, Retain, and Graduate Young LifE Scientists, which will provide support for academically talented students from underrepresented groups.

Dr. Barbaro publishes and presents her research findings regularly, as well as contributing chapters to text books and other publications. Her research findings have been published in several scientific journals including the International Journal of Microbiology and Biotechnology, Canadian Journal of Microbiology, and Geomicrobiology Journal.