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Cassidy Swanson '10, Communications

Alumni: B.A. in Communications

Cassidy Swanson '10, Communications

A storyteller from an early age, Swanson pursued her bachelor’s degree in communications and then earned a master’s degree in journalism. Currently, she works as WMUR's assignment editor and digital producer for the 11 p.m. newscast; she was a multimedia journalist at the Lowell Sun prior to joining WMUR. “My English and communications professors taught me the importance of writing in a clear and concise manner, and in journalism, this is key,” she says. “At Riv, I learned a truly skilled writer subscribes to the ‘less is more’ mentality, while still making their point.”

Swanson credits professors, particularly Sister Lucille Thibodeau, and unique experiences Rivier provided to her for their influence on her academic and career preparation. “My best professors at Riv encouraged and challenged me to think critically, while also giving the kind personal attention and genuine care you can really only get from a small institution like Riv.” Also, she cites a service trip to Camden, New Jersey and Philadelphia and an internship at Stonyfield Farm as invaluable learning experiences.

A true believer in Rivier’s mission of ‘transforming hearts and minds to change the world,’ Swanson strives to create a more informed and understanding society through her work. “Civil discourse is becoming more and more rare,” Swanson say. “This leads to a narrowing of minds and a lack of compassion. When people are presented with all sides of the story, ideally, they can understand the thoughts and experiences of others better, creating a more compassionate world.”

At Rivier and in her profession, Swanson has found communities where she can make a difference. Her advice to students as they consider their academic and career paths is to “work hard, find mentors, do at least one internship (if not two or three), and don’t settle for a career that just pays the bills – find something fulfilling.”