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Rivier's President’s Circle – Gov. Sununu

The Rivier University President's Circle hosted New Hampshire Governor Christopher Sununu on January 17, 2018.

The Governor presented a Leadership Forum titled “New Hampshire Today and Tomorrow” addressing the progress made in 2017 and challenges the state faces moving forward.

His focus centered on creating opportunities for New Hampshire citizens and economic development. “I don’t think the government should guarantee much, but equal opportunity is one of those things,” said Gov. Sununu. “Make sure everyone has the same playing field, and then let them use their skills and individual responsibility to drive forward.”

The Governor addressed several key issues: workforce development, behavioral health, kindergarten, clean drinking water, substance misuse, healthcare reform, the launch of Marcy’s Law for victims’ rights, taxes, public safety, manufacturing, education, and economic development. He spoke on the proposal to locate Amazon’s headquarters in Londonderry and announced his support of $4 million train study to investigate the feasibility of commuter rail upgrades.

“Workforce development and behavioral health have captured the headlines in this region,” says Sister Paula Marie Buley, IHM, Rivier’s President. “Many initiatives, including Rivier’s Employment Promise Program and Center for Behavioral Health Professions and Workforce Development, are already addressing New Hampshire’s challenges and opportunities in these areas.”

Gov. Sununu is serving his first term as state governor. He is currently the youngest governor in the country. In his 2017 Budget Address, he identified three priorities: “first, to create a fiscal and regulatory environment that promises greater job growth, job retention, workforce development and economic opportunity for all; second, to both enhance and strengthen opportunities and services for our children and families; and third, to improve the safety and well-being of New Hampshire’s citizenry.”

Comprised of presidents, CEOs, and business leaders, the Rivier University President’s Circle brings the community together to discuss issues that impact the businesses and citizens of New Hampshire and Massachusetts. President’s Circle businesses sponsor scholarships for the University’s most deserving and qualified students. Current sponsors include Harvard Pilgrim Health Care and Spectrum Marketing Companies in Manchester, New Hampshire.

The Governor’s speech can be viewed in its entirety on Rivier University’s Facebook page at

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