Rivier University to host Japan Cultural Tour on September 1

Rivier University will host more than 200 high school students and representatives from Kenmei  Academy in Osaka, Japan. Rivier and Kenmei have a shared vision; both schools were founded by the Sisters of the Presentation of Mary based on the teachings of their foundress Blessed Anne Marie Rivier. The students are visiting Rivier as the first stop on their fall North American Cultural Tour; their itinerary also includes stops in Methuen, Hudson, Boston, and Canada.

"We are honored to host students and colleagues from Japan," says Sister Paula Marie Buley, IHM. "Rivier's and Kenmei's shared history and mission, along with the University's dedication to a global education for our students, foster this and other intercultural partnerships."

Kenmei Academy a co-educational junior and senior, Catholic high school. The visit was planned last year by the University's Office of Global Engagement (OGE) and Sister Mie Nakanishi, pm from Kenmei Academy. OGE provides Rivier with a comprehensive platform of academic, co-curricular, and campus-wide programs that facilitate international understanding, relationships with global, like-minded institutions, and international immersion experiences for faculty, staff, and students.

Accompanying the students are Academy President Mr. Michio Nakahara, Principal Mr. Masayoshi Ohara and ten faculty members. "Our institution is overflowing with the frontier spirit," says Principal Ohara. "We understand the importance of connections between people and offer a place where meaningful connections can be formed. Here we search together for our own futures and strive to create a new history for Kenmei."

For more than 80 years and 50 years respectively, Rivier University and Kenmei Academy have been dedicated to a transformational educational experience instilled by foundress Blessed Anne Marie Rivier. Today, that spirit and devotion spread across many borders through a network of sister schools located in nineteen countries around the world.