President's Circle Leadership Forum featured Republican presidential candidate Governor Jeb Bush on January 20

Credit to Jodie Andruskevich

Distinguished business and community leaders gathered at Rivier University for a President’s Circle Leadership Forum featuring former Governor Jeb Bush on January 20. 

A Republican presidential candidate, Governor Bush advocated for effective U.S. leadership that advances conservative policies by not accepting the status quo, discovering and eliminating blind spots, and proactively addressing key issues.   

“Listen, learn and lead with a servant’s heart," said Governor Bush. "Government shouldn’t be the master; it should be the servant.”

Bush served as the 43rd governor of the state of Florida from 1999 through 2007. Following his time as governor, he returned to the private sector and has devoted time to subjects he is passionate about, including education reform and strategies to fix the nation’s immigration system.

The Rivier University President’s Circle brings together business and community leaders to discuss topics that impact the businesses and citizens of New Hampshire and Massachusetts.

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