Rivier University establishes teaching and learning partnerships with universities in China

Left to right: Ye Yingfang, Asst. to the President of Beijing City University; Sister Paula Marie Buley, IHM; Dr. Mark Meehan; and Duan Xiaoli, Director of Int'l. Affairs at Beijing City University


Rivier University has signed Memorandums of Understanding (MOU) with two leading institutions in China: Beijing City University and Shanghai Lixin University of Commerce. The MOUs were signed in the summer of 2014 by the leadership of both institutions.

Sister Paula Marie Buley, IHM, President says, “These alliances will enable students and faculty from the three institutions to experience a rich, vibrant culture and to live and learn alongside their peers in the United States and China.”

Rivier’s Business Division Dean Dr. Amir Toosi, in conjunction with Shanghai Lixin University, is finalizing a “3+1+1” program in which Shanghai Lixin University students will complete three years of study at their home institution and then transfer to Rivier University. During their first year at Rivier, the students will complete their Bachelor of Science in Business Management. In their second year, they will earn a Master of Business Administration degree. Faculty exchanges are also being explored with Shanghai Lixin University.

Next steps with Beijing City University include a team-taught biotechnology course by Rivier University and Beijing City University faculty members in July 2015, which will combine students from both institutions. The first half of the course will be taught in Nashua, New Hampshire on the Rivier campus by Dr. Joel Stake, who will incorporate on-site teaching at top-level biotechnology companies in the region. The course’s second half will be taught by a Dr. Liu Yanli in Beijing, China and will also incorporate on-site teaching at regional biotechnology companies. Throughout the course, best practices in biotechnology will be explored and compared.

In addition, Dr. Mark Meehan will be teaching for Beijing City University on their home campus. Dr. Meehan will travel to China in July 2015 to teach “Nonprofit Leadership in the West: Philosophy, Focus, and Management.” The graduate course will be taught over a two-week period and will include live video feeds of non-profit leaders from the United States and Great Britain.

Dr. Meehan adds, "We are delighted to be working with such excellent institutions in China. Rivier University is engaging China’s leading experts on issues that will greatly impact both of our societies. These agreements demonstrate Rivier University’s passionate commitment to facilitating a deeply global experience for all of our students.”