Rivier University signs Memorandum of Agreement with Hellenic American University

NASHUA, N.H. – Rivier University is pleased to announce the signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with Hellenic American University of Athens, Greece and New Hampshire. This mutually beneficial strategic alliance will enable students from both institutions to experience a rich, vibrant culture and live and learn alongside their peers in the United States and Greece. 

This MOA is the foundation for initiatives that will enable Rivier students to travel and learn in Athens, Greece, and for Hellenic American students to experience living and learning in the United States. The student exchange program will allow for students in each institution to attend from one term to one full academic year at the other institution. 

“This partnership is closely aligned with Rivier’s mission and strategic plan with an emphasis on global engagement and allowing students to broaden their perspectives and become global citizens,” said Sister Paula Marie Buley, IHM, President of Rivier University. “We are pleased to offer these opportunities for global engagement and study to students at Rivier University and Hellenic American University.” 

Hellenic American University’s facilities in Athens, Greece in cooperation with its affiliated organizations, the Hellenic American Education Center (HAEC) and the Hellenic American Union (HAU), will host Rivier University study abroad programs to include students and faculty. The study abroad experience may include Greek language courses, cultural immersion activities, service learning activities and experiential learning projects. The program will start in Fall 2013 and Hellenic American University will host an open house on the campus of Rivier University in Nashua, N.H. 

Included in this agreement is a faculty exchange where faculty from both institutions can conduct research and or teaching residencies in the other institution. 

As the inaugural program, Rivier University will offer student and faculty exchanges in its Bachelor of Science in Transnational Security Studies degree program. Through its multidisciplinary structure, students are enabled to examine global security issues and threats, through political, military, economic, social, infrastructure and information perspectives, and from the viewpoints of other nations and states. 

It is anticipated that collaborations between the two institutions will expand to other programs and cooperative ventures in the future. 

Hellenic American University and Rivier University are both non-profit institutions chartered in the State of New Hampshire, USA, and members of the New Hampshire College & University Council (NHCUC), a non-profit consortium of 17 public and private institutions of higher education in the state of New Hampshire.