Rivier University’s Early Childhood Center awarded national reaccreditation through National Association for the Education of Young Children

The Landry Early Childhood Center at Rivier University is proud to announce that they have recently achieved a new, five-year term of accreditation through the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC). The administration, teaching staff, and families of the Landry Early Childhood Center at Rivier have continued to uphold the mark of quality represented by the NAEYC Accreditation system. 

Programs seeking NAEYC Accreditation are measured against national standards of quality that go beyond state health and safety licensing requirements. The accreditation criteria address all aspects of an early childhood education program, including: teacher education and qualifications; child-to-teacher ratios; curriculum; and health and safety.

“Reaccreditation is a very intensive process that involves the entire staff working together towards a goal of validation,” said Nancy Pynchon, director of Rivier’s Landry Early Childhood Center. “Becoming reaccredited reaffirms our belief that our children and families are being provided child care services that are recognized nationally as high quality. We are all very proud of that designation and are happy to offer this service to the Rivier University community.”

A program begins the accreditation process with an extensive self-study to determine how well it meets these criteria. After the program makes necessary improvements, it is observed by independent, professional validators, and then reviewed by a national panel. Early childhood programs that demonstrate substantial compliance with the NAEYC standards are accredited for a five-year period.

This is the fifth time the Landry Center has achieved this national honor, and is proud to continue offering the Rivier University community a high-quality option for child care services. 

Rivier’s Early Childhood Center is also an important part of the University’s education curriculum, providing hands-on experience for education students by allowing them to observe and participate in various classroom settings and situations.

“State certification requirements entail that pre-service teachers have a variety of field experiences in a variety of settings,” said Diane Monico, Ph.D., director of practicum experiences and certification officer at Rivier. “Having the Early Childhood Center directly on campus provides an opportunity for pre-service teachers to engage with early childhood professionals along with academic instructors. This opportunity allows for a dynamic learning experience that helps to build the pre-service teacher’s career confidence.”

Please call the Landry Early Childhood Center at (603) 897-8240 for more information or to set up a tour. The center is currently preparing for summer programming and enrolling in all age groups for fall 2013.