ERC Project Room

The Project Room in the ERC will soon become your home away from home if you are an Education Major.  There is plenty of counter space to prepare projects and assignments. 


AccuCut Stencils


AccuCut cutter


The AccuCut Stencil cutter resides in the project room. We currently have over 150 stencils to choose from! You must supply your own construction paper for your projects,however there are two "scrap paper" bins to the left of the cutter that we encourage you to give and take from.  See our Stencil List here!

Paper Cutter


paper cutter

  The paper cutter is also available in the project room. Please watch your fingers, it's sharp! 




  The ERC offers lamination services to education students.  Please see our policy page for more information about dropping off your lamination project in the ERC.  Use of the laminator machines is restricted to ERC Staff only, if you need something laminated please see a staff member to help you with your request.



binding machine

  Have a homemade book you want to bind? No problem! The ERC offers a binding service to education students as well.  For guidelines on appropriate submissions for binding please see our policy page.

Craft Wall

Craft Wall   We also keep a supply of markers, crayons, scissors, tape, glue, scrap paper, craft supplies, etc on hand to help you complete your masterpieces.



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Updated 06/02/14