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Student Employment

Position:  Nursing Lab Assistant
Department:  Division of Nursing

Cheryl Bragdon,

Job Description:
Students applying for the position of Nursing Lab Assistant work study must have successfully completed (or be applying for a position that will begin after completion) NSG 101, NSG 102. Desirable qualities in applicants include punctuality, good interpersonal skills, and good standing in the nursing program. Students must also submit one reference from a nursing clinical instructor.


The lab work-study student is responsible for providing assistance to Nursing Lab faculty and students under the direction of the nursing faculty in coordination with the Nursing Lab Coordinator.

  • Helping to set up for skills labs
  • Inventory and labeling of lab supplies
  • Organization of lab supplies
  • Sign out of lab equipment
  • Cleaning and maintenance of equipment and lab rooms 102, 104 and 105 
    • all beds made neatly
    • equipment put away or in baskets
  • Helping students practice basic skills 
  • Other responsibilities as designated by lab faculty

Number of Students Needed:   1
Number of Hours per Week per Student:  To be determined.
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