Rivier University

Office of Student Activities and Orientation

Authorization Form for Student Activities

This form is to be used by all students and student organizations who wish to sponsor an event or activity in association with Rivier University. Authorization by the CSAO (Coordinator of Student Activities and Orientation) is required for all events. Generally, authorization for events is granted on a first come, first serve basis, and events are not typically authorized if another event has already been planned during the proposed time. This form will also serve to have your event listed on any University calendars. Failure to obtain authorization for an event may result in the inability to host events in the future, reserve rooms, etc.


Please fill out the following information in as much detail as possible. The CSAO has the right to edit the information for public listings.

This event is a:



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Start Time: 

End Time:  



Admission price:  

Food Served?:   
(All outside food vendors must be approved by Sodexo Dining Services)
Event Description 

Submitted by: Phone:   

 I have read the SGA Handbook Guidelines (Rivier University and NH State Law), and by signing this application, agree to assume responsibility for ensuring the event will adhere to the University policy and procedures, as well as town and State law. Violation of the above may result in campus judicial action and or a loss of privileges. I agree to leave the facility in its original condition (actual room used, immediate surrounding restrooms, stairwells, etc).  



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