Program Objectives

The purpose of the Doctor of Education in Leadership and Learning at Rivier University is to extend the research on what is known about leadership and learning in the current context of education to educators, administrators, and other professionals in leadership and educational roles in the social sciences, applied fields of social service, and training and development within organizations, institutions, and systems.

Goals of Rivier University’s Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program:

  • To extend the ongoing conversation about leadership and learning to many disciplines and fields of study in order to identify what is common in our knowledge, experience, and practices
  • To engage professionals from the counseling professions in the discussion of leadership, learning, and research
  • To enable professionals to contribute new theories, models, constructs for teaching and learning, interventions, and enlightened programs and services
  • To consider the social, political, cultural, technological, and economic influences in our homes, schools, and communities from a variety of perspectives and disciplines in order to understand the impact to our institutions, organizations, and services
  • To examine what is actually happening in the lives of others in order to begin a reform of our own approaches, practices, interventions, and services
  • To research human growth and development, the acts of teaching and learning, and the nature of support, help and intervention across a variety of disciplines and professions in order to formulate an informed understanding of policy reforms
  • To allow Rivier University, with its heritage and mission, to provide a unique forum and perspective for a discussion of transformational leadership, learning, and research to improve the lives of others—especially the poor, the vulnerable, and those in need