Course Sequence

Students enrolled in Rivier University’s Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) program attend an orientation in the spring prior to beginning coursework. In addition to the core courses, Ed.D. students take 12 credits of electives in an area of specialization that complements their dissertation topic and research methodology. Ed.D. students take specialization courses throughout the program as their schedule permits both at Rivier and other colleges and universities.

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Fall Term  Spring Term Summer Term
Year 1 ED 851
Review of Research into Leadership and Learning
ED 863
Research Methods and Design
ED 857
Innovative Leadership in the Information Age
Year 2 ED 856
Culturally Competent Leadership
ED 858
Distinctions Among Vulnerable Populations
ED 882
Qualitative Research Methods in Social Settings
— or —
ED 883
Quantitative Design and Statistical Conceptualizations
Year 3 ED 853
Advances in Mind, Brain, and Learning
ED 888
Development of Research on Leadership and Learning: Seminar
ED 890
Directed Research and Advisement
Year 4 Dissertation Research

NOTE: Course offerings subject to change as required.  

  1. Research is emphasized early, sequentially, and integrated among the content courses.
  2. The technology (Ed 857) and research courses (Ed 882 and 883) are positioned as summer long courses.
  3. Ed 888 Research Seminar becomes a semester long course on Thursday evenings.
  4. Ed 890 becomes a summer course for students who have not completed their dissertation proposal.

*The University reserves the right to make curricular changes as necessary. Please refer to the University’s website for the most
up-to-date information.