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A Tradition of Excellence

Rivier University’s Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) provides educators with an understanding of the social, cultural, economic, and political influences and forces in society that affect education. Rivier’s doctoral program seeks to prepare leaders who anticipate the need for effective policies, practices, and interventions based on current research to promote and enhance leadership in learning and teaching.

The Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) in Leadership and Learning is designed to enable students to complete coursework and examinations in three years, begin their dissertation advisement and research in the fourth year, and conduct and complete original research on a topic of local, regional, and national significance. The Ed.D. program is structured to allow students to engage in doctoral study in their current employment while developing their career goals, meeting their personal aspirations, and expanding their professional networks.

Preparing Leaders to Transform Education

The nation is undergoing profound change, such as environmental challenges, evolving technologies, a global economy, and an increasingly diverse population. To transform educational systems, we must prepare leaders to meet rapidly changing needs. Rivier’s doctoral program will equip leaders across a range of educational roles with knowledge of educational practices and policies shown to effectively improve students’ learning opportunities.

Rivier’s Doctor of Education (Ed.D.) addresses the needs of professionals in many educational fields:

  • School administrators, principals, and superintendents
  • College and university faculty
  • Administrative and service professionals in colleges and universities
  • Corporate development and training personnel
  • Local, state, and federal policy leaders
  • Leaders responsible for spiritual formation in religious organizations
  • Nursing and allied health care providers
  • Counseling and mental health care professionals

Rivier’s multi-disciplinary faculty engage the doctoral candidates in a curriculum that focuses on:

  • Human growth and development
  • Teaching and learning
  • Leadership
  • Research methods and design
  • Policy analysis and formation
  • The nature of change and transformation
  • Psychology, counseling, and mental health

Doctor of Education in Leadership and Learning (Ed.D.) with a Nursing Education specialization.