Biology Scholarships


William Barrett Scholarship:
Was established by Mrs. Margaret Barrett in memory of her late husband, William Barrett, friend and former trustee of Rivier.  Full-time science student, Chemistry and Biology major preferred, a 3.0 GPA or higher. Is based on financial need and ability.

Betrand C. Dufour Scholarship: Recognizes Betrand Dufour’s commitment to higher education at Rivier as exemplified in his many years of dedicated service to Rivier as a professor in the Biology Department and as a student advisor while serving as Department Chair.  Full-time student enrolled in the BS in Biology program, will have completed at least one academic year, and possess a 3.2 GPA or higher.

William Ames Curtright ‘02H Scholarship:
 The William Ames Curtwright ‘o2H Scholarship Fund at Rivier is established through the generosity of William Ames Curtright in recognition of Dr. Curtright’s lifelong belief that everyone has the potential to use his or her talents and abilities to contribute to the increase of knowledge and the betterment of society, and in honor of the esteem in which he holds Rivier.  The creation of this scholarship is also motivated by Dr. Curtright’s interest in and devotion to the sciences and recognition of his nation’s need for highly qualified scientists into the future.  Full-time student, at least a sophomore, a 3.2 GPA or higher, and financial need.

The Josephine A. and Jacob L. Zator Scholarship: The Josephine A. and Jacob L. Zator Scholarship Fund at Rivier University was established by Susan J. Zator ’66 and Harry W. Merritt of Towson, Maryland in memory of Susan’s parents.  The fund honors Josephine Adamczyk Zator (1917-95) of Union, New jersey, a loving mother and an astute and dedicated businesswoman, whose own academic career was cut short due to her family’s financial constraints.  It also honors Jacob Ludwig Zator (1912-2004) of Union, later of Towson, a loving father and a largely self-educated man who never lost his enthusiasm for life and learning.  Both were proud Rivier parents and supporters.  Full-time student intending to earn a bachelor’s degree in business, nursing or biology, a student at Rivier for at least a year, and a 3.0 GPA or higher.


Bee and Robert (Bob) Weisman Scholarship:The Bee and Bob Weisman Scholarship at Rivier University recognizes Bob’s long involvement with, and devotion to, Rivier as a member of the Board of Trustees and honors their work on behalf of Rivier and the Nashua community.   This scholarship fund is dedicated to strengthening and enhancing both the learning and teaching of math, science and computer science.  It reflects Bob’s strong desire that scientific ingenuity and creativity, which has characterized American business and industry, will continue strong into the future.  Full-time student in math, computer science, biology or other physical science with the intention of teaching these subjects at the middle or high school level, at least a sophomore, 3.0 GPA or greater, and a citizen of the United States.

The Kathie E. Haber ScholarshipDescription: Established by Steven F. Haber in honor of his wife to support undergraduate and graduate teacher education, specifically in computer science, mathematics, and education.  Based on financial need and ability.

The Sr. Marcelle Papineau Scholarship
Description: Established in memory of Sr. Papineau. She was a truly dedicated teacher and administrator for over 46 years at RC. She chaired the RC Mathematics Department for many years and was the pioneering force behind the acquisition of RC first computer and the subsequent establishment of the Computer Science Department. Full-time undergraduate math or science student.  Based on financial need. No Application Submission Necessary.

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