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    Assistant Professor of Biology
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Tatiana Jones



Dr. Tatiana Jones teaches courses in Anatomy & Physiology and Advanced Biology Anatomy & Physiology, Medical and General Microbiology, Immunology, Pathophysiology, Nutrition, Biotechnology, and Parasites, Pathogens and Diseases.

Dr. Jones’s passion is to educate students and instructors to apply theoretical knowledge of biological systems to physiological and pathological changes in the human body. She encourages her students to strive for understanding physiological processes at the cellular level as well as to appreciate the importance of cell-to-cell interactions under normal and pathological conditions.

Because of her professional training as an Immunologist, she understands the significant role that the immune system plays in human health. Dr. Jones has developed a course in Immunology, which highlights the influence of the immune system on human health.  In addition, she is enthusiastically promoting students’ research activities, encouraging students to conduct research projects that are relevant to human health and can contribute to health improvement.

Dr. Jones has been elected member of the Scientific Advisory Board at Nashua Community College and has led Senior Research Projects at Rivier University.


  • Ph.D., Kirov Medical Military Academy
  • M.D., First Pavlov’s State Medical Institute


  • Public Health Laboratory Scientist
  • Immunologist
  • Rheumatologist

Courses Taught

  • BIO105 and BIOL201 Anatomy and Physiology I
  • BIO106 and BIOL202 Anatomy & Physiology II
  • BIOL207 Immunology
  • BIOL250 Pathophysiology
  • BIOL110 Germs
  • BIOL105 Biology in Focus
  • BIOL115 Nutrition
  • BIO112 Stewards of the Living
  • BIO201 Medical Microbiology
  • BIO206 General Microbiology
  • BIO409 Parasites, Pathogens and Diseases
  • BIO220 Biotechnology
  • BIO385 Integrative Biotechnology
  • BIO496 Biotechnology Internship

Recent Publications and Proceedings

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  2. Direct effects of IL-4 on mast cells drive their intestinal expansion and increase susceptibility to anaphylaxis in a murine model of food allergy. Burton OT, Darling AR, Zhou JS, Noval-Rivas M, Jones TG, Gurish MF, Chatila TA, Oettgen HC. 2013. Mucosal Immunology, 6(4): 740-750
  3. Mast Cells Recruited to Mesenteric Lymph Nodes during Helminth Infection Remain Hypogranular and Produce IL-4 and IL-6. 2013. Anne Y. Liu, Dan F. Dwyer, Tatiana G. Jones, Lora G. Bankova, Shiliang Shen, Howard R. Katz, K. Frank Austen, and Michael F. Gurish. J. Immunol., 190(4): 1758-1766
  4. Protease phenotype of constitutive connective tissue and of induced mucosal mast cells in mice is regulated by the tissue. 2011. Wei Xing, K. Frank Austen, Michael F. Gurish, and Tatiana G. Jones. PNAS, 108: 14210-14215
  5. T Regulatory Cells Control Antigen-Induced Recruitment of Mast Cell Progenitors to the Lungs of C57BL/6 Mice. 2010. Tatiana G. Jones, Fred D. Finkelman, K. Frank Austen, and Michael F. Gurish. J. Immunol., 185: 1804-1811.
  6. The Role of the CCL2/CCR2 Axis in Mouse Mast Cell Migration In Vitro and In Vivo. 2010. Sarah J. Collington, Jenny Hallgren, James E. Pease, Tatiana G. Jones, Barrett J. Rollins, John Westwick, K. Frank Austen, Timothy J. Williams, Michael F. Gurish, and Charlotte L. Weller. J. Immunol., 184: 6114-6123.
  7. Antigen-induced increases in pulmonary mast cell progenitor numbers depend on interleukin-9 and CD1d-restricted NKT cells. 2009. Tatiana G. Jones, Jenny Hallgren, Alison Humbles, Timothy Burwell, Fred D. Finkelman, Pilar Alcaide, K. Frank Austen, Michael F. Gurish.
    J. Immunol., 183: 5251 – 5260.
  8. IgE Influences the Number and Function of Mature Mast Cells, but Not Progenitor Recruitment in Allergic Pulmonary Inflammation. 2009. Clinton B. Mathias, Eva-Jasmin Freyschmidt, Benjamin Caplan, Tatiana Jones, Dimitri Poddighe, Wei Xing, Krista L. Harrison, Michael F. Gurish, and Hans C. Oettgen. J. Immunol., 182: 2416 – 2424.
  9. Genetic Inversion in Mast Cell-Deficient Wsh Mice Interrupts Corin and Manifests as Hematopoietic and Cardiac Aberrancy. 2008. Peter A. Nigrovic, Daniel H.D. Gray, Tatiana Jones, Jenny Hallgren, Frank C. Kuo, Blair Chaletzky, Michael Gurish, Diane Mathis, Christophe Benoist, and David M. Lee. Am. J. Pathol., 173: 1693-1701.
  10. Pulmonary CXCR2 regulates VCAM-1 and antigen-induced recruitment of mast cell progenitors. 2007. Jenny Hallgren, Tatiana G. Jones, J. Pablo Abonia, Wei Xing, Alison Humbles, K. Frank Austen, and Michael F. Gurish. PNAS, 104: 20478 – 20483.