• Title:
    Assistant Professor, Director of Public Health Programs
  • Department:
    Nursing and Health Professions

Christina Griecci, Ph.D., MPH



Dr. Christina Griecci is an Assistant Professor and the Director of Public Health Programs at Rivier University. She has training in epidemiology, biostatistics, and behavioral science with a research background focused on examining lifestyle risk factors for chronic disease prevention among children and families.  


  • Ph.D., University of Massachusetts Medical School
  • MPH, Northeastern University
  • B.S., Villanova University

Courses Taught

  • PH101 Introduction to Public Health
  • PH201 Epidemiology in Public Health
  • PH203 Public Health Seminar
  • PH402 Program Planning and Evaluation
  • PH495 Public Health Internship/Capstone
  • PH501 Public Health: A Population-Based Approach

Recent Publications and Proceedings

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  2. Wang ML, Otis M, Rosal MC, Griecci CF, Lemon SC. Reducing Sugary Drink Intake through Youth Empowerment: Results from a Pilot-Site Randomized Study. Int J Behav Nutr Phys Act. 2019;16(1):58.
  3. Borg A, Griecci CF, Lemon SC, Kane K, Pbert L, Li W, Rosal MC. Design and methods of Healthy Kids & Families: Overcoming family, social, and environmental barriers to childhood healthy weight. BMC Obesity. 2019; 1;6(1):19.
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