• Title:
    Professor of Education and Counseling, Director of Clinical Training, Psy.D. Program
  • Department:
    Education and Counseling

Angela M. DeSilva Mousseau, Ph.D.



Dr. Angela M. DeSilva Mousseau earned her doctorate in counseling psychology from Boston College. As part of her training, she completed her pre-doctoral internship at Yale University School of Medicine and her post-doctoral fellowship at Brown University School of Medicine. Both of these training programs focused on children, adolescents, and young adults in hospital and school settings.

Dr. Mousseau is currently a licensed psychologist whose clinical work focuses on special education program consultation and evaluations and psychological evaluations for children and adolescents in the community and schools. Dr. Mousseau also specializes in Social Emotional Learning program implementation and integration in schools and across school districts.

Dr. Mousseau was granted a research award from the National Institute of Health as a post-doctoral fellow to study the impact of stress on adolescents and young adults. Dr. Mousseau’s research continues to focus on adolescents and young adults. It is grounded in Positive Youth Development with a specific focus on how sense of purpose develops. What are the factors (e.g., experiences and relationships) that facilitate the development of purpose in young people? Her research includes a collaboration across multiple universities—including Boston College and Winngate University—and utilizes a mixed-methods research approach to studying the development of purpose.

Most recently she is working to develop a new methodological approach to studying purpose that pairs semi-structured interviews with visual timelines. The protocol for this approach encourages young people to discuss and draw their journey with purpose. Dr. Mousseau has published several peer-reviewed journal articles and presented at national and international conferences.

Dr. Mousseau is passionate about teaching. Her approach is student-centered, with an emphasis on the application of course materials. Her goal in the classroom is to help students develop more personal awareness, knowledge, and skills toward whatever path they plan to pursue beyond higher education. Dr. Mousseau teaches a variety of graduate and doctoral level courses at Rivier, with a focus on research methods and data analysis.


  • Ph.D., Boston College
  • M.A., Boston College
  • B.S., Union College

Courses Taught

  • ED 611 Psychotherapy for Children
  • ED 613 Consultation and Collaboration
  • ED 626 Positive Psychology for Counselors and Educators
  • ED 815 Evidence-Based Practice for Children and Adolescents
  • ED 856 Culturally Competent Leadership
  • ED 863/864 Research Methods and Design
  • ED 872 Mixed and Integrated Research Methods
  • ED 881/883 Quantitative Analyses
  • ED 884 Applied Quantitative Analyses
  • ED 888 Development of Research on Leadership
  • ED 890/892 Dissertation Proposal Seminar
  • ED 895/896 Dissertation Seminar

Recent Publications and Proceedings

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