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CIS Graduate Program

Master of Science in Computer Information Systems

Vladimir Riabov, Ph.D.

Director of the Computer Science Programs
Department of Mathematics and Computer  Science



Maria Matarazzo
Chairperson Department of Business Administration
Office: Sylvia Trottier Hall
Phone: (603) 897-8491

For admission into the Masters program, students must demonstrate competency in the following
knowledge areas:

  • Management
  • Accounting
  • Economics
  • Programming Fundamentals
  • Computer Organization
  • Data Structures and Algorithms

Knowledge areas which have not been satisfied at the time of entrance into the graduate program become additional requirements. It is the students responsibility to fulfill all conditions at the earliest possible time.

Students demonstrate competency in the six knowledge areas by satisfying one of the following requirements:

  • Produce undergraduate transcripts that document passing grades in courses related to these areas, or
  • Produce graduate transcripts in a related field of study, such as Business, Mathematics, Sciences, or Engineering, or
  • Earn C or better in the following prerequisite undergraduate courses:
    • Programming Fundamentals I, or
      Programming Fundamentals II
    • Computer Organization
    • Data Structures and Abstraction, or
      Introduction to Algorithms


  • Pass a Challenge examination in the prerequisite undergraduate courses above. Challenge exams are given at least a week before the beginning of each academic semester. Failure on passing the exams automatically requires that students register for the corresponding prerequisite undergraduate courses.

Degree Requirements (36 credits)
Complete 36 credits with an average of B or higher. Alternative courses may be taken with permission of the chairpersons of the departments.

Core Courses (27 credits)

  • BUS 510  Accounting Concepts and Practices for Managers
  • BUS 529  Economic Analysis for Managers
  • BUS 550  Financial Management
  • BUS 560  Organizational Behavior for Managers
  • BUS 779  Strategic Management
  • CS   552  Object-Oriented Design
  • CS   553  Introduction to Networking Technologies
  • CS   610  Database Management Systems
  • CS   632  Client/Server Computing

Elective Courses (9 credits)
Choose three from:

  • BUS 580  Marketing Management
  • BUS 671  Quality, Productivity and Management
  • BUS 682  Marketing Research and Analysis
  • CS   572  Computer Security
  • CS   578  Advanced Networking
  • CS   582  Practical C++ Programming
  • CS   585  Practical Java Programming
  • CS   608  Software Engineering
  • CS   612  Information Technology
  • CS   680  Quality Assurance