Career Development


Accomplishment Statement Guide 

When writing a resume many jobseekers tend to simply state what their duties and responsibilities are/were at their jobs but tend to forget one important factor: what value did they bring to their employer? 

Accomplishment statements or “success stories” are written proof of the results, achievements and successes from your work experience that differentiate you from other candidates. These statements are the heart of your resume and demonstrate what is unique about you and provides proof of the value you would bring to a prospective employer.

Develop accomplishments statements based on your work experience, campus activities, volunteer experience, athletics, military experience and education.

Your accomplishment statements will also instigate interesting discussion about your strengths during the interview.

When writing an effective accomplishment statement, consider these: SITUATION, TASK, ACTION, and RESULT (STAR).
1. SITUATION or CHALLENGE: Identify the problem or situation that needed to be improved.
2. TASK: Describe the task that you were responsible for–what was your role?
3. ACTION: Describe the action you took and what skills you used to resolve the situation.
4. RESULT: Describe the result or contribution you made to the situation. Whenever possible, quantify your result with a number.

Always start with an action verb(see page 2)
• Good: Responsible for leading team for classroom assignments
• Stronger: Directed team of 3 classmates to complete assignment on time

Use colorful and unique action words 
• Good: Started a new program
• Stronger: Created and implemented a new mentoring program with 80% participation of residents

Avoid wordiness and unnecessary adjectives 
• Coordinated 150 housing volunteers for the “Day In Our Shoes” program, which brings admitted students to campus for the day to learn about Scripps
• Provided training and mentoring to first year students through superior planning
• Organized “Teapot Exhibit” for 30 artists presenting interesting work

Attempt to quantify at all times 
• Handled $1,000 in transactions on a weekly basis
• Routed over 100 calls daily to an Annual Giving staff of 10
• Planned 3 campus-wide programs per semester

When different elements are significant to the accomplishment, put them all in one accomplishment 
• Developed relationship with a local merchant, which increased food offerings at the student-run Motley Coffeehouse and doubled profits
• Established recycling program in the residence halls which increased environmental awareness and decreased amount of trash by 10%

State first the benefit to the employer and then what you did to accomplish that result 
• Good: Developed a marketing strategy that increased student involvement by 15%
• Stronger: Increased student involvement by 15% through a creative marketing strategy

Accomplishment Statement Examples 
• Presented training for new campus-wide email system to approximately 30% of the student body
• Instituted residence hall tutoring program that increased average overall GPA from a 2.9 to a 3.3
• Completed an original research project that resulted in a report and presentation to the research scientists
• Managed retail outlet and increased sales volume by 25% in first six months through promotions and marketing
• Began as Sales Associate and was promoted to Assistant Manager after five months

Action Words by Category that describe your “Transferable Skills” 


Management   Communication   Clerical    Research 
Administered      Addressed Approved Clarified
Analyzed Arranged Arranged Collected
Assigned Authored Classified Critiqued
Delegated Corresponded Collected Diagnosed
Developed Directed Compiled Evaluated
Directed Edited Executed Examined
Executed Formulated Generated Extracted
Improved Mediated Implemented Identified
Increased Motivated Inspected Inspected
Organized Negotiated Organized Interpreted
Planned Persuaded Prepared Interviewed
Prioritized Promoted Processed Investigated
Recommended Publicized Purchased Organized
Reviewed Reconciled Recorded Reviewed
Scheduled Recruited Retrieved Summarized
Strengthened Presented Screened Surveyed
Supervised Translated Specified Systematized
Technical  Teaching  Financial  Helping 
Assemble Adapted Administered Assessed
Built Advised Allocated Assisted
Calculated Clarified Analyzed Clarified
Computed Coached Appraised Coached
Designed Communicated Audited Counseled
Devised Coordinated Balanced Demonstrated
Engineered Created Budgeted Diagnosed
Fabricated Enabled Calculated Educated
Maintained Encouraged Computed Encouraged
Operated Evaluated Developed Expedited
Overhauled Explained Forecasted Facilitated
Programmed Facilitated Managed Familiarized
Remodeled Guided Marketed Guided
Repair Informed Planned Referred
Solved Initiated Projected Rehabilitated
Trained Instructed Researched Represented
Upgraded Persuaded Planned Set goals