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The pursuit of employment requires extensive preparation and planning.  To obtain an interview, you must get through the initial screening process by presenting an impressive resume and cover letter to a potential employer.

A resume is a summary of your experiences and skills that prove you can perform a specific job in the field of work you are entering.  It highlights your accomplishments and demonstrates evidence of your qualifications.  Rather than being a life history of everything you have done, it should focus on the requirements of the position and the needs of the employer.  Its purpose is to get your foot in the door for an interview.

A cover letter gives you a chance to sell your resume to an employer in order to land an interview.  Well written cover letters demonstrate that you are a serious, professional candidate who is sincerely interested in the position available.  The letter should be concise and professional, showcasing your written communication skills and capturing the employer’s interest.  

A career portfolio is a job search tool that provides tangible evidence of your qualifications and career readiness to a potential employer.  It portrays your marketable and transferrable skills through a collection of artifacts, a self-reflection of your experiences, and a record of your achievements.  You should continually contribute to and update your portfolio, utilizing it as a career development tool throughout your worklife. 

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