Career Development

Plan of Action

Plan of Action

Use the Action Plan Worksheet to write the steps for each career or educational goal you’re considering and then establish a timeframe to accomplish these steps. Our Sample Action Plan Worksheet might offer you some ideas on how to complete this exercise. Make sure that the steps you choose are feasible given your other commitments, such as coursework, campus activities, jobs, etc.

Ask yourself these questions related to your interests when developing a career action plan:

  • What student organizations/activities can I investigate or participate in? What leadership role(s) might I play on campus?
  • What part-time or summer work experiences could I pursue? Who could I talk to support me in exploring the possibilities?
  • What courses could I take (required and elective) that relate to my interests? What academic majors relate to my interests? How can I leave my college major options open to give me more time to explore? When will I speak with my academic advisor for support with this process? By when do I need to declare a major given my interests?
  • What on or off campus volunteer experiences might I pursue? What service learning experiences? Is there potential to serve while also gaining career related experience?
  • What Internet or library research will I conduct and when will I conduct it? How can I combine my career related research while also filling course requirements for classes? 
  • How can I arrange a job shadowing experience and/or informational/inspirational interview with individuals employed in areas of interest? Who can I talk to about this?
  • What career enhancer skills do I wish to develop and how will I develop them?  These are skills frequently sought by employers of new graduates and they include:     

          — Computer skills (programming, word processing, data base, etc.)
          — Communication skills (written and oral including public speaking)
          — Foreign language skills
          — Marketing/public relations skills
          — Leadership skills
          — Human relations/interpersonal communications skills

  • What will I include in my college/career portfolio? Remember to track and store potential future portfolio items in a folder. Include activities, projects, committee work and other items referenced in your action plan. Your portfolio will come in handy whenever you pursue employment opportunities or further education.

During your junior year and senior year, continue the activities described above and also:


  • Explore and arrange for internship experience(s), for credit or non-credit.
  • Develop a resume and cover letter, job search skills, and interviewing skills.
  • Explore graduate school, including the application process. Register and prepare for graduate admission tests.