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Political Science Major Career Planning Options

Politics can be traced back to ancient civilizations as evidenced by mud-slinging political advertisements painted on the walls of ancient Greek ruins. Political science involves the study of this age-old practice of competition for community leadership between diverse interest groups or individuals. The Political Science degree at Rivier builds upon political science course offerings and a liberal arts foundation to include a broad view of interrelated legal issues and challenges. Rivier Political Science majors learn about the varied forms of governments and the political process as revealed through the interactions of citizens and government officials. These students develop the ability to think analytically, to conduct research, and to communicate effectively. Visit Rivier’s History, Law and Political Science Department for information on degrees and course selection.

Political Science Major Skills 

Oral & Written Communication
Analytical Thinker
Able to Develop & Market Ideas
Work Well Under Pressure
Understanding of Community Needs

Interact with Diverse Populations
Computer Literate
Team Worker
Research Skills
Leadership Abilities
Ability to Organize & Interpret Social, Economic, & Political Data


Career Paths in Political Science 

Careers for Political Science graduates are diverse and dependent upon one’s interests, abilities, work values, academic emphasis and practical experience in the field. These graduates can consider options in the areas of law, public service, international affairs, political science, and government service at the federal, state, or local levels. Employment positions may involve campaign work, journalism, lobbying, policy research, public affairs, and teaching. Additional career opportunities can be found in business and with non-profit agencies holding contracts with the government. A law degree is required for the practice of law and is frequently obtained by politicians as a support to their political career as well as a discipline to fall back on when not in office. Volunteer experiences and internships are most effective for building a network of contacts and a clear sense of preferred work environments and activities.

Political Science graduates may work as . . .
(The following are titles from across the industry. Some of these jobs may require education or experience beyond a bachelor’s degree.) 

Broadcast Journalist
Campaign Manager
Community Relations Director
Congressional Aide
Foreign Correspondent
Foreign Service Officer
International Banker
International Trade Specialist

IRS Agent
Labor Relations Organizer
Legislative Assistant
Newspaper/Magazine Journalist
Political Representative
Political Scientist
Public Policy Analyst
Teacher, Social Studies


Political Science graduates may work at . . . 

Business & Industry
Court Systems
Law Firms
Research Organizations
Historical Societies
Political Interest Groups
Campaign Management Firms
Historical Societies

Colleges & Universities
Consulting Firms
Media Organizations
Local/State/Federal Government
Polling Organizations
Political Parties
Media Organizations
Chambers of Commerce
Labor Unions


Ways to Increase Employability 

  • Pursue elective course work or additional training related to one’s professional field of interest.
  • Participate in volunteer and service learning opportunities.
  • Become an active student member of university, community, or professional organizations, which enhance leadership skills and promote networking relationships with fellow professionals.
  • Obtain quality practical experience prior to graduation through relevant part-time, full-time, and summer job/internship positions.
  • Candidates interested in becoming elected or appointed officials in government should build on accomplishments by obtaining paid or unpaid positions with school boards, zoning commissions, political action groups, charitable organizations, political campaigns, or fraternal organizations.

Sources of Information on Majors, Careers and Employment in Political Science 

  • Rivier University Faculty, Academic Advisors, & Health Sciences Department Resources
  • Professionals Working in the Field
  • Professional Organizations

Professional & Rivier University Organizations related to Political Science 

Career Related Websites for Political Science Majors