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Marketing Major Career Planning Options

Marketing is concerned with the ways businesses develop, promote, advertise, and sell their ideas, products and services to consumers. Marketing majors learn how to research consumer needs, determine the demand for certain goods or services, develop products, analyze competitive market structures, and target potential customers. They engage in team projects, discovering techniques for developing new markets and competitive pricing strategies, while brainstorming ideas that will enhance services to existing markets. In the areas of promotion, advertising, and sales, marketing students learn to influence consumer purchasing decisions by appealing to their individual needs and desires. Rivier University marketing majors are exposed to a business managerial curriculum, which combines a broad liberal arts background with a strong professional education.

Rivier University offers marketing majors the option of earning a Bachelor of Science in Marketing or an Associate of Science in Marketing, as part of the Undergraduate Department of Business Administration. Questions related to a major in marketing should be directed to the Business Administration Department at 897-8237. Visit Rivier’s Business Administration Department for additional information on degree requirements and course offerings. 

 Marketing Major Skills 

Communication (oral & written)  Computer Literacy
Quantitative Abilities Independent Thinker
Knowledge of Economics & Social Science Sound Decision-Making
Entrepreneurial Skills Creative 
Knowledge of Marketing Techniques  Problem-Solving
Analytical Abilities Cross-Cultural Skills
Persuasive, Sales Ability Interpersonal Skills
Ability to Conduct & Apply Consumer Research  


Career Paths in Marketing
Careers for new marketing graduates are diverse and dependent upon one’s interests, abilities, work values, academic emphasis, and practical experience in the field. Because the marketing field is so broad, individuals may specialize in areas such as advertising, brand management, direct response marketing, business to business marketing, sales and sales management, international marketing, marketing systems analysis, marketing research, new product planning, public relations, retailing management, services marketing, and distribution channel management. Entry level positions exist in large corporations, small businesses, profit and non-profit organizations, and government agencies. Field expertise and an MBA graduate degree are necessary for career advancement in management, consulting, marketing research, and market systems analysis.

Marketing graduates may work as . . .(The following are titles from across the industry. Some of these jobs may require education or experience beyond a bachelor’s degree.) 

Assistant Account Executive
Assistant Media Buyer
Research Assistant
Associate Brand Manager
Sales Representative
Market Research Administrator
Product Manager
Pricing Administrator
Assistant Marketing Manager
Assistant Sales Manager
Sales Service Administrator
Trade Sales Representative
Public Relations Manager
Financial Planner
Insurance Agent

Technical Sales Rep
Market Analyst
Management Scientist
Assistant Buyer
Department Manager
Traffic Manager
Inventory Control Manager
Distribution Planning Analyst
Customer Service manager
Sales Manager
Advertising Sales Rep
Retail Store Manager
Media Marketing Coordinator
Advertising Copywriter
Promotional Artist
Purchasing Agent


Marketing graduates may work at . . . 

Advertising Agencies
Retail & Department Stores
Service Industries
Government Agencies
Banks/Financial Institutions
Insurance Agencies
Business & Industry
Communications Firms
Hotels & Restaurants

Health Care Organizations
Manufacturing Firms
Media Firms
Radio/Television Stations
Computer Companies
Investment Firms
Market Research Firms
Publishing Companies
Test Development Companies


Ways to Increase Employability 

  • Pursue elective course work or additional training related to one’s professional field of interest.
  • Participate in volunteer and service learning opportunities.
  • Become an active student member of university, community, or professional organizations, which enhance leadership skills and promote networking relationships with fellow professionals.
  • Obtain quality practical experience prior to graduation through relevant part-time, full-time, and summer job/internship positions.

Sources of Information on Majors, Careers, and Employment in Marketing 

  • Rivier University Faculty Advisors, Academic Advisors, & Marketing Department Resources
  • Professionals Working in the Field
  • Professional Organizations

Professional & Rivier University Organizations Related to Marketing 

Career Related Websites for Marketing Majors