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Management Major Career Planning Options

Management is the process of directing and supervising various work activities of individuals, groups, and organizations. Business managers are responsible for designing policies, setting goals and deadlines, directing support services, defining work responsibilities, and delegating authority. They may direct the operations of an entire organization or a division within an organization, being employed in all types of business, industry, non-profit institutions, and government agencies. Rivier University management majors are exposed to a business curriculum, which combines a broad liberal arts background with a strong business management education. Visit Rivier’s Undergraduate Business Administration Department for information on degrees and course offerings.

Management Major Skills 

Problem Solving
Sound Decision Making
Organizing Activities
Planning Activities
Coordinating Activities
Directing Activities
Interpersonal Skills

Critical Thinking
Numerical Computation
Written & Oral Communication
Computer Literacy
Team Player
Cross-Cultural Skills
Analyze & Interpret Data

Career Paths in Business 
Careers for new business management graduates are diverse and dependent upon one’s interests, abilities, work values, academic emphasis, and practical experience in the field. Job titles and functions vary depending on the occupational interest area, type of industry, and level of management sought. Entry level positions can be found in many fields including account management, human resource management, manufacturing management, marketing research, advertising, real estate, insurance, health care, banking, retailing, purchasing, production control and supervision. General managers and top executives usually have advanced graduate degrees and work expertise in their field. Those interested in advancing their careers may pursue a Master of Business Administration (MBA) or Master of Science degree, with a concentration in areas such as accounting, health care administration, marketing, and quality management.

Management graduates may work as . . . (The following are titles from across the industry. Some of these jobs may require education or experience beyond a bachelor’s degree.)

Advertising Executive
Bank Manager
City Manager
Customer Service Representative
Director Food Services
Facilities Manager
Financial Manager
Financial Planner
Human Resource Assistant
Human Resource Manager
Industrial Relations Manager
Insurance Agent
Junior Analyst

Loan Officer
Management Consultant
Management Trainee
Media Planner
Merchandise Manager
Operation Manager
Payroll Administrator
Personnel Administrator
Property Manager
Product Manager
Purchasing Agent
Restaurant Manager
System Analyst

Management graduates may work at . . . 

Insurance Agencies
Retail Stores
Federal & State Government
Real Estate Agencies
Stock Brokerage Firms
Non-Profit Organizations
Health Care Organizations

Business & Industry
Accounting Firms
Advertising Firms
Consulting Firms
Department Stores
Financial Organizations
Service Organizations
Self-Employment (Small Business)
High Tech Firms

Ways to Increase Employability  
The following suggestions will enhance your leadership skills and workplace qualifications, while promoting networking relationships with fellow professionals:

  • Pursue elective course work or additional training related to one’s professional field of interest.
  • Participate in volunteer and service learning opportunities.
  • Become an active student member of university, community, or professional organizations
  • Obtain quality practical experience prior to graduation through relevant part-time, full-time, and summer job or internship positions
  • Develop aptitude in computer technology
  • Develop cross-cultural skills for the global market
  • Use every opportunity in & out of the classroom to practice group teamwork skills that will be invaluable in the business world

Sources of Information on Majors, Careers and Employment in Management 

  • Rivier University Faculty Advisors, Academic Advisors, & Business Administration Department Resources
  • Professionals Working in the Field
  • Professional Organizations
  • Rivier University Career Development Center Counseling Staff, Website & Office Resources

Professional & Rivier University Organizations related to Management 

Career Related Websites for Management Majors