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Liberal Studies Major Career Planning Options

The Liberal Studies major offers a broad and comprehensive program in the arts, sciences, and humanities. Breadth of knowledge and depth of vision are the focus, with an emphasis on broadly transferable and highly valued skills that will not become obsolete as market conditions change. This is the ultimate “classic” liberal arts degree, providing majors with a well rounded education that prepares students for life and for the world of work with all of its complexities and challenges. Visit Rivier’s Liberal Studies Program for additional information on degrees and course offerings.

Liberal Studies Major Skills

Proficient in Oral Communication Able to Conduct & Explain Research
Organizational Persuasive & Articulate Speaking
Clarifying & Questioning Skills Command of Grammar & Vocabulary
Able to Generate Creative Ideas Analytical & Critical Thinker
Concise Writing & Editing Skills Independent Thinker
Organization of Ideas, Materials, & People Investigative Skills
Critical Interpretation of Reading Materials

*A sense of history as a backdrop for understanding contemporary life and society
*Understanding of foundation concepts in a wide range of disciplines in the arts and humanities and the natural and social sciences

 Career Paths in Liberal Arts

Career Paths for new liberal studies graduates are diverse, and they depend upon one’s interests, abilities, work values, academic emphasis, and practical experience in the field. Specialized coursework can also be pursued to supplement the liberal arts foundation. A minor in any of the liberal arts disciplines or in some other areas of interest such as business or computer science can be designated. As career options are diverse, liberal studies majors are encouraged to take time for the career planning process early on in their college studies. Hands-on experience, and coursework related to a specialized interest area(s), will greatly facilitate preparation for the post-graduation transition. For example, those with an interest in publishing can round out their studies with hands-on publishing experience and related courses.  In addition, a Liberal Studies bachelor’s degree offers electives which can be tailored individually for those interested in pursuing a variety of graduate and professional programs in areas such as law, the humanities, the sciences, and business administration or management.

Liberal Studies graduates may work as . . .
(The following are titles from across the industry. Some of these jobs may require education or experience beyond a bachelor’s degree.)

Publishing:Editorial Assistant
Managing Editor
Production Assistant
Field Sales Representatives
Advertising Sales
Freelance Writer

Store Manager
Assistant Buyer/Buyer
Retail Trainee
Sales Promotion Coordinator
Advertising Associate

Television:Station Manager
Program Assistant
Sales Assistant
Production Assistant
Promotion & Publicity Assoc. Director
Traffic Coordinator
Tape Editor


News Desk Assistant
Assignments Editor
Wire Service Reporter

Human Resources:Recruiter
Hiring Manager
Compensation and Benefits Coordinator
Employee Relations Representative

Advertising and Public Relations:
Account Coordinator
Account Executive
Media Planner

Education and Human Services:Teacher
Guidance Counselor
Social Worker
Residential Counselor
Community Outreach Worker
Case Management Aide

Liberal Studies graduates may work at . . .

Book Publishers Magazine Publishers
Radio & Television Stations Newspapers
Trade & Technical Journals Public Relations Firms
Advertising Agencies Public & Private Schools
Political & Legal Offices Colleges & Universities
Non-Profit Organizations Business & Industry
Public Libraries Telecommunications Firms
Federal & State Government Retailers

Ways to Increase Employability

  • Pursue elective course work or additional training related to one’s professional field of interest.
  • Participate in volunteer and service learning opportunities.
  • Become an active student member of university, community, or professional organizations, which enhance leadership skills and promote networking relationships with fellow professionals.
  • Obtain quality practical experience prior to graduation through relevant part-time, full-time, and summer job/internship positions.
    Sources of Information on Majors, Careers and Employment in Liberal Studies
  • Rivier University Faculty and Academic Advisors, & Business Administration Department Resources
  • Professionals Working in the Field
  • Professional Organizations 

Professional & Rivier University Organizations Related to Liberal Studies

Career Related Websites for Liberal Studies Majors

  • Liberal Arts Career Network (A collaborative project involving 25 colleges and universities whose goal is to make available the best information from a wide range of career fields through the World Wide Web. Each college is responsible for a single career field and seeks to identify quality informational sites pertinent to that field. The result is a dynamic, ever growing library of web links which facilitates the career development process for students.)
  • The Liberal Arts Job Search (Job search info from Rice University for Liberal Arts graduates.)
  • Idealfit (Focuses on job opportunities for Liberal Arts and MBA students and graduates who would like to explore career options in the industry. The site offers resources to research Start-up and Internet companies as well as associated job titles and descriptions.)
  • Authorlink (Information Services for Writers, Editors, Literary Agents and Publishers.)
  • Advertising and Media Job Openings
  • TV Jobs (Broadcast Employment Services)
  • Listservs and Usenet groups.
  • Editor and Publisher (Career Guide, Classifieds, Media Links. etc.)
  • Media Line (Resource for the Television Industry)
  • Disney Careers