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Global Studies Major Career Planning Options

Global Studies is an interdisciplinary major combining study in global politics and economics with a range of electives in humanities and sciences. Students participate in short-term or semester-long study abroad opportunities to gain valuable international experience. Graduates are prepared for careers in public service and private enterprise requiring strong liberal arts skills and global experience, or pursue graduate and professional studies in law, business, international relations, and other fields. Students are empowered to shape their world as the next generation of global leaders in business, education, government, and the non-profit sector. Visit Rivier’s History, Law and Political Science Department for information on degrees and course selection.

Global Studies Major Knowledge/Skills:
Awareness of current global trends and processes, economic development & international relations
Demonstrate competency in a foreign language
Articulation of the inter-relationship of global, national, regional, and local economic, political, and cultural processes and events.
Information Gathering/Communication
Teamwork & Management

Career Paths in Global Studies:
Careers for Global Studies graduates are diverse and dependent upon one’s interests, abilities, work values, academic emphasis and practical experience in the field. These graduates can consider options in the areas of law, education, government service at the federal, state or local levels, international affairs, military and international business. Employment positions may involve journalism, public affairs, teaching, public policy, research, and foreign affairs.  Volunteer experiences and internships are most effective for building a network of contacts and a clear sense of preferred work environments and activities.

Global Studies graduates may work as . . .
(The following are titles from across the industry. Some of these jobs may require education or experience beyond a bachelor’s degree.)


National Security Agent
Foreign Service Officer
International Trade/Tourism Specialist
Legislative Aide
Customs/Immigration Officer
Civil Service Employee


University Study Abroad Advisor
International Student Advisor
Bilingual Educator
English Teacher/Foreign Country


Foreign Social Worker


Foreign Correspondent
International Consultant
News Journalist
Public Relations
Travel Writer

Global Studies graduates may work within…
Court Systems
Law Firms
Research Organizations
Historical Societies
Political Interest Groups
Campaign Management Firms
Historical Societies
Colleges & Universities
Consulting Firms
Media Organizations
Local/State/Federal Government
Polling Organizations
Political Parties
Media Organizations
Chambers of Commerce
Labor Unions

Ways to Increase Employability
• Pursue elective course work or additional training related to one’s professional field of interest.
• Participate in volunteer and service learning opportunities.
• Become an active student member of college, community, or professional organizations, which enhance leadership skills and promote networking relationships with fellow professionals.
• Obtain quality practical experience prior to graduation through relevant part-time, full-time, and summer job/internship positions.

Sources of Information on Majors, Careers and Employment in Global Studies
• Rivier University Faculty, Academic Advisors, & History, Law & Political Science Department Resources
• Professionals Working in the Field
• Professional Organizations
• Rivier University Career Development Center Counseling Staff, Website & Office Resources

Professional & Rivier University Organizations related to Global Studies

•  National Foreign Trade Council
•  International Studies Association
• American Foreign Service Association
• American League of Lobbyists
• International Chamber of Commerce
• Center for Strategic & International Studies
• Rivier College Student Government Association
• Rivier University – Model United Nations
Career Related Websites for Global Studies Majors
• US Department of State Careers
• International Business Careers• Council on International Educational Exchange
• Monster Work Abroad
• Government Jobs
• DC Internships
• International Job Opportunities• A Guide to Careers and Study of International Affairs