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 Education & Community Leadership Career Planning Options 

A career in the field of education can be rewarding for many reasons, most importantly it provides a means to have a positive impact on a child. By combining an expertise in teaching and interest in community engagement, career opportunities may broaden to include leadership roles within the non-profit sector. Rivier University education & community leadership majors build skills within a broad curriculum of inter-disciplinary coursework and field experiences. Students will gain a greater understanding of the importance of the relationship between their organization and the constituents they serve. Required field-based experiences provide opportunities to gain awareness of organizational processes and operations. Visit Rivier’s Education Department for additional information on this program and degree. 

Education & Community Leadership Skills/Knowledge 

  •  Develop excellent communication skills, verbal and written 
  •  Teaching and instruction, program planning, organization and record-keeping, decision-making, problem solving and research.  
  •  Financial accounting, organizational leadership, marketing 
  •  Educational technology 

Career Paths in Education & Community Leadership 

Combining the fields of education and business offers graduates a variety of career options depending upon one’s interests, abilities, work values, academic emphasis, and practical experience in the field. Developing special interests and skills, i.e. technology skills or bilingual skills, can lead to unique career opportunities or serve to enhance one’s role as a professional. Community Leadership opportunities can be found in a variety of settings that serve the needs of children and families.   

 Education & Community Leadership graduates may work as… 

 (The following are titles from across the industry. Some of these jobs may require education or experience beyond a bachelor’s degree.) 

          Child development specialist
Director, child care center
          Educational administrator
          Family advocate
          Museum educator
          Operations manager
          Program administrator
          Program manager
          Service coordinator
          Youth sports coordinator
Youth program specialist 

 Education & Community Leadership graduates may work within…  

Community centers/service agencies
Consulting organizations
Federal education agencies
Foster care organizations
earning Centers
Local, state, and federal government agencies
ational associations & councils
Non-profit organizations
Preschool/day care centers
Recreational facilities
Youth organizations and camps: YMCA, YWCA, Young Life, Scouts, etc.  

Ways to Increase Employability: 

  •  Research organizations’ values to find a good fit with yours.  
  •  Seek experience as a volunteer, intern or paid employee with social service or non-profit organizations.  
  •  Become familiar with government and community resources available for those in need.  
  •  Develop a wide range of skills such as presenting, grant writing and fund raising, as professionals in nonprofit organizations may fill multiple roles.  
  •  Develop writing, research and public speaking skills and the ability to work with people from diverse backgrounds.  
  •  Demonstrate knowledge and experience in a specialty area, i.e. public health, environment, urban issues.  
  •  Obtain part-time, summer, internship or volunteer experience with the intended age group in various settings such as pre-schools, day cares, camps, community agencies, adult centers, YMCA’s, etc.  

Rivier University Organizations related to Education & Community Leadership 

Rivier University Service Learning Opportunities through local partnerships
 Rivier University America Reads Project

 Rivier University Sources of Information 

 Rivier University Faculty Advisors, & Education Department Resources
Professionals Working in the Field
Professional Organizations  

 Professional Organizations Related to Education & Community Leadership  

  National Alliance for Youth Sports 
  National Child Care Association  
  Alliance for Nonprofit Management 
 Young nonprofit Professionals Network