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Research Employers, Companies and Industries Online - A leading provider of inside information about companies, industries, and careers for job seekers.  Whether you are just entering the job market, planning a big job change, or just interested in switching jobs within your field, this site offers resources to help you make a better decision. gives you the lowdown on the companies, industries and careers you're considering, as well as advice on everything from what it's like to break into a new industry in the middle of your career to how to get that ideal job to relocating to a new city. - Offers continually updated "insider" information on over 3,000 companies and 50 industries.  Some "cool" features include Electronic WaterCoolerTM Message Boards, Am I WorthyTM, a place where professionals get "rated" and discover their earning potential, and an extensive free job board -- with thousands of top jobs.

Bureau of Labor Statistics - The Bureau of Labor Statistics provides information on available careers by industry, including the nature of the industry, working conditions, employment, occupations in the industry, training and advancement, earnings and benefits, employment outlook, and lists of organizations that can provide additional information.

Kennedy Information - a leading information source on select professional services, including management consulting, executive recruiting and investor relations -includes links to purchasing the Directory of Executive Recruiters, a great resource for targeting executive search firms.

Association of Executive Search Consultants (AESC) - a professional association representing retained executive search consulting firms worldwide, which includes a member directory of contact information for over 100 member firms.

Hoover's Online- The Ultimate Source for Company Information

Standard and Poor's Stock Reports 

Inc. Online - Explore the Fastest Growth Companies

Yahoo's Industry Profiles - Research on Leading Industries

Yahoo's Business Directories - Find lists of companies by industry or career field

Fortune 500 Company Lists - Offers resources to research Start-up and Internet companies, focusing on job opportunities for Liberal Arts and MBA graduates who would like to explore career options in the industry.

ODWYERPR.COM - Online Access to the Inside News of Public Relations, including a directory of PR firms, PR information, and a jobs corner.

Graphic Designer Directories - Online directories of Graphic Design firms.

Art Gallery and Museum Guide Online - A comprehensive guide to art galleries from coast to coast, put out by Art Now Gallery Guide. This is a good resource to check out galleries and exhibition spaces all around the country.

PharmWeb - Web yellow pages for Biotechnology companies, Pharmaceutical companies, Chemical and Drug Suppliers, etc. 

Directories of Pharmaceutical Companies 

Health and Medical Employers on the Net 

American Hospital Directory: Searchable database

US Health Club Directory - A directory of over 16,000 health clubs in the nation

American School Directory - Internet Gateway to All K-12 Schools in the USA

National Public School and School District Locator - from JobWeb

New England Independent Schools - (See Local Resources for links by state) - Links to K-12 private schools accredited by the New England Association of Schools and Colleges.  Includes traditional boarding and day preparatory schools, private elementary schools, schools serving students with special needs, and religiously affiliated schools of many faiths.

National Private School Directory - Maintained by Peterson's Education Center.  Profiles for private K-12 and college prep schools nationally

Not-For-Profit Organizations -  an index of descriptions and links to nonprofit organizations

US Federal Government Agencies Directory 

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