IT Intern
Normand & Associates, Manchester, NH 

Posted:  1/24/12

The Normand & Associates law firm, with an office in Manchester, New Hampshire practicing for more than 32 years, is seeking a talented intern to continue and expand our online presence.  The candidate should posses online skills as well as strong writing abilities.  The Intern would work with attorneys and staff to keep our online presence active.  The regular tasks would include, but are not limited to:

1)  Work with lawyers and staff to develop regular blogs, Facebook and Linked In entries to continue our online presence.
2)  Provide suggestions for improvements to our online presence that we are not aware of.
3)  Meet with our outside consultants to, again, find ways to better improve our presence.  A good opportunity to meet and learn from other professionals.
4)  Coordinate with outside website development vendors to upgrade and maintain our website as needed in the future.
5)  Review and coordination with our Hubspot account to evaluate our Google standings, etc.  Opportunity to use Hubspot learning modules through our account.
6)  Assist with website development working with our consultants.

While this is primarily an in-office position, the candidate would have an opportunity to attend a court hearing with an attorney if he or she desired to better understand the type of work we do.

This will be a paid position with the compensation commensurate with the past experience of the Intern.  Additionally, if the Intern works out satisfactorily, this could be a longer term part-time position for the right candidate.

Please forward inquiries to: or  

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