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Interview Skills

Potential Applicant Questions

A.  About The Job Description/Job History

What is the job description for this position?
How would you describe your ideal candidate for this position?
What do you see as the major challenges I would face in this position?
Can the job description be altered or upgraded?
How long has this position been vacant and why is it open?
Who has been in this position before and where did they go afterwards?
Are there other positions similar to this one?

The following are appropriate to ask as the interview comes to a close:

How do you see my background fitting in with your needs relative to other candidates?
What is your time frame for making a decision about this position?
What is the next step in the process? May I call you so as to follow up?

B.  About The Interviewer/Department/Organization/Industry

What is your (interviewer’s) background?
How long have you been with this organization and what positions have you held since coming here?
With whom would I work? Who would be my immediate supervisor?
How would you describe the atmosphere (feeling, tone) of the department? How do employees relate to one another?
Does the department have its own budget? Who controls it?
What is the reputation of this department within this organization?
Do you consider the staff to be adequate for the workload? How is the morale?
Was anyone on staff bypassed for this position?
What is the greatest challenge faced by this department/organization?
How have industry trends impacted on this organization/department?

The following can be asked once the employer brings up the topic of salary and benefits:

How does the organization set individual and or group performance goals?
Are there periodic performance reviews? If so, what do they consist of?
What are the prospects for promotions and salary increases?
Are employees encouraged to continue study? Is tuition reimbursed?
C. About Internship Opportunities

Have you ever used student interns in the past within your organization?
If so, what kinds of assignments does your organization give to interns in ________
department/job capacity?

If no, why not?

Do you need information regarding what an internship is all about and what the school requires of a participating employer?
How many interns have you ever worked with at one time?


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